GTA Online Players Gawp at Stunning Moving Double Headshot

A promo screenshot for GTA Online gunrunning.

Shooting people is a substantial and somewhat unavoidable part of the GTA Online experience, with scores of players being gunned down, deep-sixed and blown away on a daily basis.

No matter whether the bullet that conveys these poor souls to the GTA afterlife comes courtesy of an NPC, a griefer or even, in the most tragic cases, a friend, odds are the killcam it generates will be a rather mundane showcase of bang and you’re dead without many frills to spice things up.

That said, on rare occasions, a lucky player will land a kill that’s a little more on the spectacular side, as one Reddit user has recently experienced.

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Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user Bainy995 began a thread by sharing a clip of them using a sniper rifle to bag an unlikely double kill on two other players during a firefight, captioning it: “(I) was messing around at LSIA with a couple of others and somehow hit this moving double headshot.”

A number of users lined up to congratulate Bainy995 on their marksmanship, with Quiet_Ad6925 declaring “daaaaamn” in hype man-esque fashion and Puhdbas exclaiming: “John Wick on the sticks!”

Other users suggested that the luck involved in making such a shot should prompt Bainy995 to consider a few options for their near future, with chammer36 saying: “buy a lottery ticket” and Chonkbird adding: “You've peaked. Time to Uninstall and put the game to rest on a high note”.

Meanwhile, another user seemed to think their chances of replicating the feat were slim, saying: “damn, I can barely aim on console”, which prompted abshabab to respond: “if it’s any consolation, snipers are harder to aim on console.”

Even those who can bag similar trickshots aren’t without their struggles, as user Cosmo_X shared: “I got a triple headshot on some NPCs once. It was a Headhunter CEO mission and I damaged the car enough to make them exit. They were side shuffling around and managed to pull the trigger at the perfect moment. I regret not saving the clip.”

So, make sure you’ve got your capture software primed if you’ve been inspired to try and make your own MLG compilation and follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content, possibly involving Michael from single-player, is released.

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