GTA Online Players Love Ultimate Griefer-Killing Weapon

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A promo screenshot for GTA Online's gunrunning update.

For those still playing GTA Online, fighting griefers is less of an occasional consequence of gameplay and more of a lifestyle.

Whether scaring some would-be vultures away from your nightclub sale, finding a way to stop some fellow in a jet from disrupting your routine plane journeys or deciding to become a kind of GTA Batman to save some lower-level players from a bad time, GTA Online’s veterans have seen it all.

Now, however, one has decided to spotlight a weapon they think does a particularly good job of dealing with the game’s most pervasive irritants.

Explosive Stopping Power Makes This Rifle a Favourite of the Gta Community

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user Jaustin30 began a thread by sharing a clip of them using a Heavy Sniper Mark 2 equipped with explosive rounds to blow a griefer in a jet out of the sky with one shot, saying: “this is why I love the explosive sniper”.

A number of users were quick to question the jet pilot’s fighting tactics during the exchange, with several wondering why they’d use missiles against a ground target when better options were available and suggesting that Jaustin30’s kill wasn’t as impressive due to this.

The post also caused an intense debate to break out over whether the sniper rifle with explosive rounds is just a good weapon or too overpowered for things to remain balanced, with many different users throwing their two cents into the discussion.

User sydneyslay summarised one side’s view by saying: “that explosive sniper makes everything in the air useless”, while TrynaExist demonstrated the opposing view by saying: “One tapping people out of the air feels amazing. Especially when they think they have plenty of distance and you just delete them out of the sky with zero warning.”

A few users asked how to get the gun and the explosive rounds so that they can try it out for themselves, leading a string of hardened veterans to point out that the Gunrunning update’s bunker is the destination you’ll want to head to and that research is required within to be able to buy the explosive rounds.

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