GTA Online Players Claim NPCs Are Fuelling Their Road Rage

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Historically, GTA players themselves have been to blame for the majority of accidents on the roads of Los Santos, Liberty City, and Vice City.

After all, when you’re boosting a stolen car or trying to outrun a swarm of cops who want to take you in for another crime, who has time to stop at red lights or avoid expensive speeding fines?

However, it seems that GTA Online players are increasingly finding themselves getting into accidents that aren’t necessarily their fault, as the game’s NPCs finally fight back against years of hit and runs.

GTA Online Players Claim NPCs Are Fuelling Their Road Rage

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user Dizzy_Effort8985 posted a short clip of an NPC’s car swerving back and forth across the road for seemingly no reason, nearly scraping the player’s pricey sports car, adding the caption: “I hate NPCs with a passion!”

Several other users agreed with this viewpoint, with one claiming that they experience more road rage in GTA than they ever could in real life and another describing a recent scenario which saw an NPC piloted police car run into them, only for them to gain a wanted level for the infraction.

Others shared tales of Import/Export and Autoshop missions gone awry because of a single errant swerve from a vengeful or clueless NPC, leading to intense frustration for innocent players left to buff out dents and scratches.

Meanwhile, user UnconfirmedRooster outlined what they believe to be the explanation for this phenomenon, saying: “It has actually been proven that NPCs do actually attempt to ram players every now and then. Best way to avoid it is to drive erratically yourself, it stops it for some reason.”

Sadly it seems this solution isn’t satisfying enough for some players, with user lurizan4life declaring: “if they crash into me and flip a middle finger at me, I'll kill them outright” and Darbme1ster adding: “at the slightest mishap from an NPC, I blow them and their car up.”

Luckily, some players are more lenient, with user jonathandeckers suggesting that the NPC in the clip might just be preparing for a race, saying: “he’s warming up the tires.”

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