GTA Online Player Cosplays as Police, It's Just Like Fast and Furious

A GTA V cop arresting a woman

A GTA V cop arresting a woman

GTA Online offers a world of unlimited boundaries, ranging from the excitement of skydiving to the critical world of fashion. Even so, players are always looking for ways to spice up their gameplay and have fun in their time in Los Santos.

The police are a constant thorn in your side. When you're just trying to do a bit of casual thievery and some snitch rings them up, they're always on your case trying to have you arrested. For what? I didn't do nuffin, officer!

Well, some GTA players seem to have taken an alternative route with this. In the spirit of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," someone has nabbed a cop car and gone to town on some fellow criminals.

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Woop, Woop, That Sure Is The Sound Of The Police

It's always a good time hanging out in GTA Online lobbies and finding unique ways to interact with the strangers you find messing around in Los Santos. One player has found a great way to give other players a little scare while playing.

First, find a cop car. Second, drive slightly weirdly as if you're a computer-controlled character. Third, run up on unsuspecting folks with the sirens blaring. The results, as Corey854 found out, are stupendous, with the other players wheel-spinning on the spot before launching into a full-on car chase:

The community loved it, with Efficient_Bar_636 picking up on the slightly janky driving: "You even drive like the LSPD, the perfect disguise and truly playing the part."

It was also nice to see the criminals playing the part rather than just going to the default GTA Online action of shooting people in the face. Chris95rx7500 agreed: "good on them for not instantly killing you and just going along with it." Unfortunately, it seems like a rare occurrence, with the original poster responding: "for sure, almost never happens."

The main sentiment within the community was a sense of wholesome good vibes. ArpenteReves commented: "Man that genuinely put a smile on my face, a random, pulling on two randoms, they didn't shoot you and probably decided to follow your game."

It's not all easy breezy, though. According to Corey854, "the hard part is getting a non-damaged cop car." I guess when you go around stealing police cars in Los Santos, bullets start flying and make your ride much less convincing.

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