LLC Sanctus Review: Is The Halloween Bike Worth Buying?

UPDATE: The LCC Santus Motorcycle is currently free for all Prime Gaming subscribers in the current GTA Online Event Week.

[Original Story] - We’re already in the seventh month of the year, which means we’re that much closer to GTA Online’s yearly Halloween Surprise, a yearly event that’s been going on in 2015 and something that probably won’t stop anytime soon.

GTA Online events also mean that vehicles fans did not get before have a chance to become available again, with a number of fans wondering about the LCC Sanctus motorcycle and if it will be worth winning through the event.

LLC Sanctus Review: How To Get The LLC Sanctus In GTA Online

Despite its reputation, GTA Online has been known to be a very vehicle-based game in addition to being a criminal simulator, with numerous races to partake in and various modes encouraging players to partake in car-on-car violence.

With all that in mind, it’s easy to imagine why fans are interested in getting the LCC Sanctus when it becomes available during Halloween Surprise and we’re here to tell you if it’s worth it.

GTA Online LCC Sanctus
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LCC Sanctus

LCC Sanctus Review

The LCC Sanctus is a motorcycle that was added in GTA Online back in October 28, 2016.

GTABase has given it a score of 67.42.

Where Can I Find The LCC Sanctus?

GTA Online players will have to wait for the Halloween Surprise event in order to get the LCC Sanctus. Once it’s time for Halloween Surprise, GTA Online fans will be able to purchase the LCC Sanctus from Southern S.A. Super Autos.

LCC Sanctus Price

Here’s how much you can get the LCC Sanctus Price for and the money you make when trading it in.

Purchase Price

You will be able to purchase the LCC Sanctus Price in GTA Online for $1,995,000. Not exactly the cheapest vehicle out there but considering how it’s only available during Halloween Surprise it might be worth getting for that alone.

Trade Price

The Trade price in GTA Online allows players to buy a car for much cheaper than its normal cost, but you have to complete an objective first.

Anyone who wants to buy the Albany Lurcher at trade price will only have to pay $1,197,000, which is a pretty good price when compared to most vehicles in GTA Online.

What Is The LCC Sanctus In Real Life?

The LCC Sanctus is based on a customized Avarus motorcycle, which is why it looks pretty cool.

What Is The Top Speed Of The LCC Sanctus?

According to the game files, the LCC Sanctus’ top speed is 89.48 mph (144.00 km/h). However, in the actual game, the LCC Sanctus can reach up to 112.00 mph (180.25 km/h).

LCC Sanctus Customization Options

Players will be able to customize the LCC Sanctus through Los Santos Customs.

Is The LCC Sanctus Worth It?

Despite not being the best motorcycle in GTA Online, the LCC Sanctus is worth it for its resale value and its rarity alone. The fact that players can only get it during Halloween Surprise makes it something of a bragging rights trophy and that’s usually enough for GTA Online fans.

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