Grand Theft Auto Online Summer Update Hits the Streets On July 20

July 15 Update - Confirmed: On July 20, the underground tuner scene in Los Santos roars to life with the launch of GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners DLC.
July 8 UPDATE - The new New GTA event week looks to have leaked Rockstar's DLC news. The GTA Online 2021 Summer Update releases July 20.

Original Story - When does the GTA Online 2021 summer update come out?

Rockstar announced a handful of GTA Online summer update details, including a pre-update event starting toward the end of May, though as yet, there’s no clear idea when the GTA Online summer 2021 update release date is.

The 2020 update launched in August after a full announcement in July, so it’s possible we’ll see it then or perhaps even at Take-Two's E3 presentation (Update: We Didn't - Sadface).

Whenever it releases, the GTA Online 2021 Summer Update takes us back to the streets of Los Santos in a celebration of its car culture.

Rockstar describes it as an event with “new opportunities for fans of performance and customization upgrades to get together with like-minded gearheads to test and show off their rides free from interference from authorities and other troublemakers.”

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Grand Theft Auto Online Summer Update Hits the Streets Soon

The GTA Online summer update pits teams of racers against each other to nab the best wheels, but that’s not all.

Modifying getaway cars will be vital for completing the update’s robbery missions.

Meanwhile, the GTA Online Stunt Series starts May 27 and brings eight new stunt races for all vehicle classes.

Deadline gets seven new classes “shortly thereafter,” and Rockstar is adding Survival mode to several other areas around Blaine county.

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[Source: Rockstar]

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