GTA Online Players Get New Vehicle Upgrades with One Big Catch

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Rockstar teased a few new details about the upcoming GTA Online standalone update coinciding with the GTA 5 next gen update.

Starting in November, GTA Online is getting a set of exclusive vehicle upgrades, including speed enhancements, with Rockstar promising more details in the coming months.


Vehicle upgrades are a key part of any GTA experience, and the online version is no different. But these upgrades are different.

They're only available if you have the next-gen upgrade for GTA 5.

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GTA Online Players Get New Vehicle Upgrades with One Big Catch

Rockstar made no mention of whether the GTA 5 next gen update will be free or not. If it is free, then getting these new upgrades is just a matter of making space on your PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.

If not, then you'll need to find a next-gen system and buy the new upgrade just to get these GTA Online vehicle enhancements.


It seems like a pretty big ask for what's essentially a minor perk, but we'll hopefully learn more sometime soon, before the next gen update's release in November.

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