GTA Online Player Celebrates Finally Completing Criminal Mastermind Challenge In 2022

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For many GTA Online players, the number of heists and missions they’ve completed during their time with the game number in the hundreds and thousands, with bulging bank accounts serving as the reward for all of this toil.

However, even for those close to running out of things to do outside of killing griefers, it seems the game still has a few challenges left to offer.

This was the case of one player on Reddit, who shared their jubilation at having finally completed the criminal mastermind challenge.

GTA Online Player Celebrates Completing Criminal Mastermind Challenge

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user chrisxwavvyy shared an image of the cash bonus they’d received for completing the challenge, plus one of them and their crew celebrating the victory with a party in a Diamond Casino apartment, with the caption: “finally did it, after 7 long years”.

They did later attempt to regain some street cred by explaining: “I have not been trying to do this for seven years straight, the challenge came out in 2015 (do the math), this is only my second attempt. First time, got to the hack (pacific standard) set up, a friend died, haven’t tried since 2016”.

They also added that the first attempt has been with random players as their crew and the successful one had been with their friends.

Other users were largely congratulatory of the achievement, with dreadvse saying: “getting 4 players to cooperate on something is a myth” and sebyyyhd adding: “getting 3 good friends is the most painful part”.

On the other hand, one user was left in awe of how much the economy of GTA Online has inflated since the original heists were released, saying: “Was it only $10 million back then? Man, that's nothing today lol.”

User Kwilburn525 built on this idea, saying: “it’s cool and all but if you think about it 10 mill isn’t a lot anymore and especially having to deal with the hassle of getting 3 people to do it right, I would pull my hair out”.

Meanwhile, user Memer973562 suggested that chrisxwavvyy’s work might not be done, saying: “Now do the same thing…but with the Doomsday Heist!!”.

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