Genshin Impact: All Sea Ganoderma Locations

sea ganoderma

sea ganoderma

Genshin Impact's flora and fauna are essential for ascending weapons and characters, and the coastal Sea Ganoderma is no different.

The Inazuma-specific plant grows on the beaches of all the islands, and resembles a fungus more than an ocean plant. According to its description, it comes from a substance created by 'certain soft-bodied organisms'. Delightful!

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Genshin Impact: All Sea Ganoderma Locations

The Sea Ganoderma is an integral material for those who have Kaedehara Kazuha or Yae Miko on their team - players will need 168 of the plants each to fully ascend them to level 90.

Thankfully, the bright blue plant is not rare, and can easily be found around the beaches of Inazuman islands. They also respawn quickly. Here are maps for each island showing where you can find them:

Narukami Island

Sea Ganoderma
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Seirai Island

Sea ganoderma on Seirai Island
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Tsurumi Island

sea ganoderma on tsurumi island
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Watatsumi Island

sea ganoderma watatumi island
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Yashiori Island

Sea Ganoderma on yashiori Genshin Impact
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Basically, to get a good handful of Ganodermas, you'll need to take a wander along the beaches of the islands. North East of Yashiori Island is the most densely populated area, if you want to grab a lot in one go.

Other Ways To Get Sea Ganoderma

On top of wandering the Inazuma coastline, you can find some more of the ocean plants elsewhere:

  • You can farm them in your Serenitea Pot garden, though they take a few days to grow each crop.
  • Obata, an NPC merchant in Ritou, sells 5 Sea Ganoderma every three days for 1,000 Mora each.
  • Players were previously able to find 57 Sea Ganoderma on the Golden Apple Archipelago, though it is unconfirmed that they will be back in this summer's update.
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