Genshin Impact: How to Get to the Golden Apple Archipelago

The new Genshin Impact 2.8 event art.

The new Genshin Impact 2.8 event art.
July 16, 2022: The first lot of chests have arrived.

The Golden Apple Archipelago is back for another summer season in Genshin Impact, this time the 2.8 Summertime Odyssey event featuring Kazuha, Xinyan, Mona, and Fischl. Here's how to get to the Golden Apple Archipelago.

The islands hold a range of flora and fauna as well as the summertime adventures, like the Sea Ganoderma needed to ascend Kazuha. On top of the rewards for the events, you can grab some achievements and other goodies, too.

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How to Get to the Golden Apple Archipelago

Getting to the Golden Apple Archipelago is a simple case of following the story. After its unlocked, you'll be able to travel to it the same way as reaching different regions, and the Serenitea Pot.

To unlock it for the first time, you'll need to select the Summertime Odyssey event in the Events Overview menu. This will track the quest, and show you where to go! Head to the Adventurer's Guild in Mondstadt, and then you'll be in the quest.

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You'll then go and meet Fischl and Mona, who will (in a roundabout way) explain what's going on. Then, you'll need to go and find Venti at the Angel's Share. Like last year's A Summer Sea Soujourn, he will be the one to set up your travel station.

He's in the tavern with Kazuha and Xinyan, who get wind of your adventure and decide to join. After speaking with Venti, he'll tell you that a certain pyromaniac child's mother has set up a sort of teleportation station for you all to get there.

Your next task is to meet up with the gang at 8 AM the next day, at the Mondstadt gates. Then, you head to an odd cat-shaped bunker on the riverbank.

After deliberation, Oz and Fischl go first and the rest follow - and there you are! In the Golden Apple Archipelago. A Teleport Waypoint is unlocked as soon as you get there, so you can return freely.

Golden Apple Archipelago Chests - Day 1 Locations

Twitter user TakaGG has rounded up all the Day 1 chest locations for the Golden Apple Archipelago. You have around 40 days to find them all, and more will appear each day for the next little while. Check back tomorrow for more.

The Golden Apple Archipelago Lore

The Golden Apple Archipelago was once called the Haar islands according to Venti. The archipelago has four main areas, namely the Puddling Isle, Twinning Isle, Broken Isle, and Minacious Isle. And as of today, you may collect Phantasmal Conches in the first three isles mentioned.

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