Genshin Impact: 5 Things To Do On Golden Apple Archipelago After Clearing The Event

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After clearing the last event and knowing who Dodo King actually is, Genshin Impact players are left with not much to do in the Golden Apple Archipelago. However, the players actually have a few more things that can repeatedly do and benefit from it in the long run. Here’s a few things you can do on the Golden Apple Archipelago after clearing the event.

Farm Sea Ganoderma

Around the shores of the Golden Apple Archipelago’s islands, the blue Sea Ganoderma plant can be seen growing there. This item can’t be found on Mondstadt and Liyue as of the moment and will be important for ascending upcoming characters in Genshin Impact.


Each day, it might be worth to pick up a few Sea Ganoderma off the beach if planning to secure an Inazuma character once the arrive.

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Fight Maguu Kenki Enough Times

After defeating the Maguu Kenki once, players can return to his area to fight him another time for more loot. The Marionette Core it drops will be needed in upgrading an upcoming Inazuma character soon. To not farm too extensively, it’s best to get up to 46 Marionette Cores to secure at least one character who’ll need it to be ascended up to level 90.

Check Your Last Waverider Challenge

After clearing the last event story quest of the Midsummer Island Adventure, it’s possible to forget the last Waverider challenge quest as it was also released on the same day. Simply check your Event progress if the warm feelings of the conclusion of the event and the last challenge event made you forget too.

The last Waverider challenge is found to the east of the Twinning Isle. The quest will give 30 Primogems upon clear.


Find Companions For Interactions Again

After revealing who the Dodo King is, the companions hanging out on the archipelago will have new interactions referencing Alice. Razor and Barbara can be found along the shores of the Maguu Kenki island. Meanwhile, Kaeya, Jean and Klee can be found near the mysterious island where Alice’s present can be found. Lastly, Diluc is found alone near the Northwest teleport waypoint and Albedo is found near the Minacious Isle teleport waypoint

Clear The Archipelago For Chests

Before leaving the Golden Apple Archipelago for good, Mihoyo has designed the place to be littered with chests that give out Primogems upon opening it. Make sure to find as much chests as you can to prepare yourself for the upcoming character banners after the Klee rerun this update 1.6.


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