Genshin Impact 1.7 Could Finally Introduce a New Region

Genshin Impact 1.7 might be a couple of months away, but we’ve actually got a fairly good idea what to expect thanks to Genshin Impact leakers.

Granted, most of this is speculation, and some of it is vague as leakers need to be careful sharing information after miHoYo vowed to crack down on Genshin Impact leaks.

Still, What we know about Genshin Impact 1.6 and what we know 1.6 probably won’t include is enough to give us a broad understanding of the Genshin Impact 1.7 characters, region, and more.

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Genshin Impact 1.7 Release Date

Update - June 21

New information Lumie_Lumie found points to July 21 being the 1.7 release date, and there could be a big change to how it deals with banners.

Genshin Impact 1.7 will likely release sometime in July.

The 1.6 update will probably kick off in June, which means 1.7 would start sometime around July 21, unless miHoYo changes how long the updates last.

However, leakers with the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor mentioned there will likely be more than one Genshin Impact 1.7 patch and that Inazuma will be rolled out in multiple phases.

Whether that means it will happen with 1.8 or if Genshin Impact 1.7 will actually be Genshin Impact 2.0, they couldn't say for legal reasons.

Genshin Impact 1.7 Characters

Update - June 7

The Genshin Impact Twitter account went a little wild with new character teases on June 7, confirming Ayaka is still in production and suggesting Yoimiya and another character Suya, will be added to the game soon.


The account introduced Yoimiya as the owner of a fireworks factory and the official artwork shows she's a Pyro bow user.


Sayu is a ninja in training who likes to hide in trees. The card color in her art resembles the Anemo color, though she could be an upcoming Dendro character as well.

It could be that miHoYo is just teasing new characters as well, since the string of tweets also included Kazuha, the new five-star character in the 1.6 update.

Original Story

The 1.7 update will likely be when we finally see Genshin Impact Ayaka added to the game, the latest round of rumors says.

She won't be alone either. The long-rumored Yoimiya is also said to star in the 1.7 update.

However, it's more likely she'll feature in a later banner or that her rarity rating will change. Yoimiya is reportedly another five-star character, and miHoYo typically releases just one five-star character per update.

One other possibility is that, with the Inazuma update rolling out in stages, we'll see non-Inazuman characters added between the major Inazuma characters.

Mimi and Tohma are also rumored as part of the Inazuma update. There's much less information on them, but Mimi's artwork shows her in a summer outfit.

We know miHoYo is exploring different festivals and events to add in future updates, including recurring festivals, so Mimi could be part of the pre-Inazuma update.

That also leaves room for another possible Genshin Impact 1.7 character: Yaoyao. She would be the first Genshin Impact Dendro character and also has ties to the Moonchase Festival miHoYo wants to bring back this year.

We also know that miHoYo isn't limiting itself to only Inazuma characters for the Inazuma updates, since Kazuha, an Inzauma character, is supposed to release in the roll-out phase alongside a Klee rerun.

Adding the final element would be a nice way to kick off the new region, but we'll have to wait and see.

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