Genshin Impact Ayaka 2.6 Banner Release Time, 4 Star Characters, and Weapons

The Genshin Impact Ayaka 2.6 rerun is almost live, and with it is another chance to get not just Ayaka - or Ayaka Constellations - but also another shot at some powerful weapons and a few familiar four-star faces. The Ayaka rerun banner includes Mistsplitter Reforged, a sword that’s ideal for the Kamisato swordswoman and her brother, along with an assortment of support and DPS characters.

This guide explains when the Ayaka 2.6 rerun begins and what to expect from it, including the weapons and whether they’re worth pulling for.

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When Does the Genshin Impact 2.6 Ayaka Banner Start?

Ayaka’s rerun begins on April 19 at 6 p.m. EDT, or April 20 depending on where you live. Like Ayato’s banner before it, the Ayaka rerun will last three weeks and ends on May 10 at the same time. Whether the Yelan banner picks up where Ayaka’s leaves off remains to be seen, depending on how the Covid lockdown situation in Shanghai affects Hoyoverse.

Who Are the Ayaka 2.6 Banner Four Star Characters?

Ayaka is joined by:

  • Rosaria: Cryo polearm
  • Sayu: Anemo claymore
  • Razer: Electro claymore

As always, these characters have a higer drop rate, which means you may be more likely to end up with duplicates that unlock their constellations.

What Are the Ayaka 2.6 Banner Weapons?

The second half of 2.6’s Epitome Invocation brings back the Mistsplitter Reforged, a five-star sword that boosts Elemental damage, along with The Unforged, a claymore that boosts the user’s attack whenever they have a shield. The former is good for nearly every sword user, though the claymore is a nice fit for Sayu, Noelle, and other defense-oriented characters.

The four-star weapons are slightly less impressive and feature Favonius-series weapons along with The Bell.

If you're after a particular five-star weapon, make sure to chart your Epitomized Path so if you're unlucky with your pulls, you'll eventually get the one you want -- assuming you have the Primogems to spend.

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