Warzone streamer demands removal of overpowered equipment

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Screenshot showing Warzone stim pointing upwards and BobbyPoff speaking into a microphone
Credit: Activision / Twitter: BobbyPoff

Alongside the extensive arsenal of weaponry, Warzone also contains plenty of lethal and tactical equipment for players to use to their advantage during a match. Ranging from frag grenades to throwing knives, there’s something to suit all styles of play.

With Season 4 Reloaded on the horizon, one player has managed to outlast the gas to score an unlikely win using the equipment in question. Although it’s an impressive victory, the tactic has quickly become the meta, much to the annoyance of some community members.

The issue is impacting Call of Duty’s battle royale so much that one streamer is asking to remove the equipment entirely.

Warzone stim exploit is causing chaos

During a recent broadcast, Warzone content creator BobbyPoff found himself in the final circle while the last remaining opponent retreated into the gas to use stims in a bid to become the last player standing.

Despite the circle shrinking, Bobby manages to use the stim exploit to track down the perpetrator and eliminate them to score the win.

The streamer says: “This stim issue has to get fixed ASAP if this crazy s**t is how you have to win games now.”

While some players have suggested a nerf so stims don’t restore as much health, many are calling for the equipment’s outright removal. One Twitter user adds: “Just take them out of the damn game. They’ve been an issue the entire time.”

It’s unclear if Raven Software plans on removing stims from Warzone but it’s evident to see several players are growing tired of players abusing this particular exploit. Season 4 Reloaded is bound to contain a wealth of changes. Let’s hope the developer manages to address the issue before all Warzone matches are determined by who has the most stims.

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