Warzone player outlasts the gas to score an unlikely win

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Screenshot of Warzone players fighting in gas and Warzone player wearing a gas mask
Credit: Activision

In theory, scoring a Warzone victory is a straightforward process. However, with over a hundred players battling for the same goal, earning a win is tricky.

As attention moves towards the start of Season 4 Reloaded, some are managing to achieve victory without leaving the gulag while others aren’t best pleased with the recent discovery of a pay-to-win weapon reticle.

One player has managed to defy the odds. After landing deep inside the gas, they managed to loot their way to victory much to the surprise of their squadmates.

The most unlikely Warzone win

During a recent live stream alongside content creator OPMarked, Warzone player ‘DeviousOSRS’ found themselves struggling to stay alive after the final circle had closed.

Thanks to OPMarked’s excellent communication, Devious managed to spend the final moments of the match grabbing stims and gas masks to keep the health bar full. Soon after, the remaining opponents fell to the damage, leaving Devious as the winner.

“No way! Let’s f**king go!” exclaims the player after stimming their way to victory.

Although seeing the player survive everything against them, one community member was frustrated by the method of victory: “I hate that people are winning this way.” Devious, the match victor, agrees: “Yeah, it shouldn’t be a thing.”

Scoring the win in this fashion shows the importance of looting quickly during a Warzone match. One wrong move and Devious ends up grabbing a weapon instead of a gas mask, which may have cost him a chance at becoming the last player standing.


Winning a Warzone match deep into the gas probably isn’t what Infinity Ward and Raven Software had in mind, but it goes to show there’s always a chance, even if players don’t have access to a weapon.

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