Warzone Season 4: 200-Player Battle Royale Strategy Guide

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Details surrounding the mid-season 4 update have been unveiled by Infinity Ward and it seems like players will be making room for 50 additional players as they drop from the plane and into Verdansk.

200-player Warzone will be coming to the game as a limited-time mode and will see a total of 50 squads of four battle it out to be the final team standing.


With extra players entering the battlefield, tactics have never been more important and in this guide, we will reveal the best landing spots, some handy tactics and more to give you and your team the best possible chance of climbing aboard the victory chopper.

Best Landing Spots

With more players than ever before looking for a good spot to begin the game, selecting the best place to land can often be the difference between a string of early eliminations or the first of potentially many trips to the gulag for you and your team.

Here are a few places to land that suit all styles of play:

Superstore - High Risk, High Reward

Warzone Superstore

For those looking to jump straight into the action, the Atlas Superstore is the prime location for getting plenty of kills very quickly due to how much ground loot can be found.


The central location also enables quick and concise rotations if you and your team make it out of the superstore in one piece. If you can lock it down, you take control of a key part of the map that overlooks several locations.


There are one of two places where you and the squad can decide to land. Inside the store contains plenty of loot but with several dimly lit areas, it can be tricky to spot opponents in amongst all the action.

The other option is the roof where the potential of securing some strong early-game loot is much lower compared to landing inside the store but with clearer lines of sight, it is much easier to take down enemies quicker, before heading inside to clear up what’s left.

Hospital - Consistent Drop

Warzone Hospital

Located just to the west of downtown Verdansk is the Hospital. This is a great location to stock up from the several loot crates that can be found inside the main hospital building but if several teams land here, it can be very tricky to keep tabs on where everyone is.


The roof provides perfect sightlines of players looking to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown for a quieter area so look for a long-range weapon to begin dealing the damage.


Like Superstore, the hospital is also a central location, allowing your team to move towards the next circle easily but it’s important to be aware of players coming from the train station, promenades and downtown, meaning things can get very interesting if you aren’t aware of your surroundings.

If you can get to the helicopter, you also give yourself a great tool to exit and move around the map.

Farmland - Safe And Easy

Farmland is typically a safe spot that yields small levels of traffic almost every game. It's largely due to the fact it's very much out of the way of the busy districts, contains less loot and fewer contracts.


It's a big reason why players avoid it and opt for more profitable drops, but with more players than ever it could prove to be a haven for those looking to build their way into the game

It's also not uncommon for the final circle to makes its way to this section of the map and leads nicely to Lumber and Prison.


Best Tactics

With more people dropping into Verdansk than ever, you'll need to be aware that your normal style of play may not work out as well as it used to.

Going for less valuable contracts from the start and focusing on ground loot can may be a more viable option in the early game.

You'll also need to pick your fights more wisely, as there will be more engagements and more third partying than usual.


The Full Send

Warzone 200 player BR tactics

The extra players dropping into the game is an incentive for players that love to go for those high-kill games. The trick with this particular tactic is to land in a hotspot like a superstore, clear out all opponents that stand in the way and call in a loadout drop as soon as it’s possible.

In order to fully utilise this style of play, timing and executing an attack on another team is critical. Make sure every member of the squad is in the perfect position to take down the enemy quickly and efficiently to reduce the possibility of another party looking for some quick kills.

Slow and Steady

Best Warzone tactics

This tactic may not yield as many kills as playing with maximum speed and aggression but it does often mean that you and the squad will be among the final few teams battling it out for the win.


Complete plenty of Recon contracts to give you a glimpse of where the circle is heading and with some careful planning, you and your team can make your way to the final circle before everyone in the lobby, leaving you plenty of time to get your hands on your loadouts and enough ammunition for the final showdown.