Call of Duty: Warzone: Verdansk Hospital Location Guide – Best Loot Spots, Tips, Tricks and Strategy for The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Warzone is available across all platforms and players are dropping straight into the 150-player battle royale.

Located opposite the Downtown Tavorsk District, the Verdansk Hospital is one of the largest individual building complexes in the entire map.

As it’s just off to the side of the Downtown district, this area of the map is filled with players looking to get a vantage point on the roof or stay hidden in the maze of corridors within the main hospital building.

If you’re struggling to make the most of this particular location, here are some handy tips and tricks to achieve success.

Hospital Map

Places of Interest

  • 1 - Comms Tower (Verdansk Hospital)
  • 2 - Gulley
  • 3 - Playground
  • 4 - Upper Woods, Cabin and Aerial
  • 5 - Verdansk Processing Warehouse
  • 6 - Apartment and Offices (Hospital)
  • 7 - Hospital Barracks
  • 8 - Verdansk Hospital Northwest Tower
  • 9 - Verdansk Hospital
  • 10 - Burger Town Block (Hospital)
  • 11 - Parking Lot and WHP Tents


Vehicle and Buy Locations

Best Landing & Loot Locations

Verdansk Hospital (9)

There is plenty of loot to be found within the hospital and on the roof of the hospital. Landing onto the road and accessing the building through a variety of the ground floor entrances in order to get your hands on some early-game loot.


Keep a lookout for the orange legendary loot crates that can be found in among the triage areas in the hospital.

Verdansk Hospital Northwest Tower (8)

As the tallest building in the area, the northwest tower is often a hive of activity on Warzone, with players either prioritising a landing on the roof to get the height advantage or entering the building from the ground in an attempt to build a strong loadout before tackling the players that are on the roof.

In terms of loot, there is plenty that can be found on the roof to give you a good start in a game and inside the tower, there’s also the likes of the M13 AR and the MP7 SMG which are both lethal in early-game situations.

Burger Town Block (Hospital) (10)

On the outskirts of the area is a petrol station and a branch of Burger Town. Landing here to avoid the chaos of the larger hospital buildings can be a safer option and can also prove to be very profitable.


More often than not, a contract can be found in the area and by completing it quickly, it can allow you to purchase a Loadout Drop Marker very early on in the game.

Get your hands on your custom loadout then dive straight into the action against players that are going to be heavily under-equipped in comparison to your loadout.

Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Height or A Strong Loadout?

There are two things to prioritise when landing here, go for the height advantage at the top of the tower but compromise your loadout or head into the building with an increased risk of being taken down early but with a better chance of building a better loadout.

Sometimes the height is the better choice if you get your hands on a long-range weapon on the roof but if you’re planning for a deep run into the game, heading inside may be the better option.

Complete Contracts

Selecting a contract in this area is a sure-fire way of securing a lot of cash. Securing a particular area, taking down a player and even opening three different loot crates is a great way of getting your hands on some of the stronger weapons on Warzone.

If possible, go for the scavenger contracts. These are very easy to complete in a short amount of time and the chance of finding a legendary weapon in any of the three crates. They are also a great way of finding armour scraps which can be hard to find after the initial looting phase.

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