Call of Duty Warzone: Atlas Superstore Location Guide - Best Loot Spots, Tips And Tricks And Strategy For The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available and players are dropping into the 150-player Modern Warfare Battle Royale.

The Atlas Superstore is part of the map, despite already being part of Modern Warfare's multiplayer mode.

Here's how to make this location work for you.

Atlas Superstore Map

Places Of Interest

  • 44 - Atlas Superstore
  • 45 - Atlas Superstore Parking Lot

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Vehicle And Buy Locations

Best Landing And Loot Locations

Atlas Superstore (44)

The only point of interest (other than a car park that offers minimal cover and loot), the Atlas Superstore is an excellent place to drop – so long as you're ready to fight.

While the obvious draw is in the aisles and wealth of indoor space, there's a surprising amount of verticality.

That's because there is a first-floor vantage point on the Western side, as well as first-floor and roof access via a red container on the north side.

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Strategy, Tips & Tricks

If you're inside, don't think you're safe. With roof access and the potential for killstreaks to break through the skylight windows, you really need to be prepared to move quickly.

That's complicated somewhat by the only vehicle spawn point is across the parking lot.

While there are no 'Buy Stations' in the area, there's a cash depositing point but it's out in open – almost entirely unprotected.

With all that in mind, as good as the Atlas Superstore is to hold, if the ring moves elsewhere you'll struggle to make it out safely. 

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