Call of Duty Warzone: Krovnik Farmland Location Guide - Best Loot Spots, Tips And Tricks And Strategy For The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

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Call of Duty: Warzone is now available and players are dropping into the 150-player Modern Warfare Battle Royale.

Krovnik Farmland might not sound particularly exciting, but it does offer plenty of buildings and a variety of hiding spots.

If you're struggling to make the most of this lucrative drop location, here are our tips and tricks to succeed.

Krovnik Farmland Map

Places Of Interest

  • 29 - Gun Store
  • 30 - Windmills
  • 31 - Pastures (Fetid Pond)
  • 32 - Orchard
  • 33 - Silos
  • 34 - Central Barn
  • 35 - Crossroads
  • 36 - Crops
  • 37 - Launchers
  • 38 - Homesteads
  • 39 - Plowed Fields (East)
  • 40 - Hills
  • 41 - Hay Storage
  • 42 - Cattle Farms
  • 43 - Southwest Farms
  • 44 - Southern Farms (and Crops)
  • 45 - Southwest Orchard
  • 46 - Pasture Hut
  • 47 - Pasture Hatch

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Vehicle And Buy Locations

Best Landing And Loot Locations

Gun Store (29)

As the name suggests, there are weapons abound in the Gun Store. There's plenty of cover and you can scope out the surrounding areas from the first floor.


Two doors and two windows can get you into this building, making it an ideal hideout.

It's worth pointing out that you'll have access to a truck, too – ideal for relocating your squad.

Southwest Farms (43)

We know, it's just a farm, but you'd be surprised. It's very reminiscent of the farm in Blackout, located next to the Firing Range.

There's an attic for snipers and plenty of cover for players who haven't got their hands on a gun yet.

A buy-station is located in close proximity and it is one of the more isolated locations in this area.

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Homesteads (38)

Ideal for shotgun-wielding players, Homesteads offer plenty of cover and tight spaces for luring prey.


Although it's situated within the main cluster, there's a wide-open space to the East - meaning you won't need to worry about anyone sneaking up on you and provides an escape option.

There's also first-floor windows for overlooking opportunities, as well as counter-sniping.

Strategy, Tips & Tricks

In the games we've played so far, players have been avoiding the farmlands. More fool them, we say.

If you're able to snag a decent ranged weapon, you can hunt enemies through the fields.

If the ring starts to close elsewhere there are plenty of vehicles to make a getaway.

When approaching this area, it's probably best to aim for the cluster of buildings in the centre to avoid being caught in the open and lose any enemies who have spotted you.

There are plenty of hills to be take up sniping positions on, and areas like the Gun Store offer decent (if unspectacular loot) for minimal risk.

For this area, we recommend taking a submachine gun or shotgun as buildings are located within touching distance of each other.

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