Warzone players slam lack of target visibility in Season 5 Reloaded

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Warzone players wearing night-vision goggles on dark backgrounds
Credit: Activision

As you'd imagine, having the ability to see the target you're firing at during a Warzone match is hugely important. Whether you're up close and personal with the opposition or trying to take down an enemy from afar, clear crosshairs can make all the difference.

With attention moving towards the launch of Season 6, the battle royale's time to kill continues to frustrate players, while exploits have seen some airborne motorbikes fly around the map in some matches.

The latest wave of player frustration revolves around the visibility on offer when using the best guns and weapons. Due to the amount of visual clutter on-screen in matches, players are complaining of being unable to see what they're firing at.

Warzone visibility frustrates players

Following a recent match, user I-Am-Him has taken to Reddit to show off a short clip of muzzle smoke completely blocking their view of a nearby opponent.

As expected, there are many others in the resulting thread that have experienced similar issues. One argued: "I swear they somehow made the gun smoke worse. I cannot see shit."

Another added: "Whoever made that grey smoke, with the grey lighting, with the grey haze, with the grey effect when you get shot is the dumbest designer that ever existed."

Alongside these players, a number of content creators are also frustrated by the lack of visibility in Warzone. During a recent stream, FPS extraordinaire Shroud shared his thoughts on it, saying: "When you shoot in (Warzone), your screen is covered with bullshit which means you can't play on mouse and keyboard. I would rather play Halo."

One player thinks they've found the answer to eradicating the visual clutter issues, suggesting: "This game (would become) 1000% more playable if they just deleted gun smoke and (the) stupid screen shake."

We'll have to wait and see if Raven Software plans on making any changes to aid visibility once the final season begins.

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