Warzone player uncovers simple money-making technique

Warzone players carrying money bag and Oz Operator pointing gun at ground
Credit: Activision

Warzone players carrying money bag and Oz Operator pointing gun at ground
Credit: Activision

Earning money throughout a Warzone match is a surefire way for players to obtain some of the more valuable items in Call of Duty's battle royale. Whether it's a loadout drop or a UAV, ensuring there's enough cash to spend is hugely important.

As Season 5 continues to progress, the opinions of players dropping into the action are split following the discovery of another pay-to-win weapon optic. Elsewhere, the focus is turning towards the launch of Modern Warfare 3, and a recent trailer has teased the return of a legendary battle royale map.

Earning enough Warzone money can take a while. Thanks to a recent discovery, players can earn thousands in just a few seconds.

Warzone simple money trick earns thousands

Uncovered by user Jesus_COD, they took to Reddit to demonstrate the simple, yet hugely effective, trick to earn plenty of cash without having to navigate around the entire map.

Inside the Vondel train station are a row of vending machines. After accidentally shooting one, the player notices stacks of cash appearing on the ground. After a few shots, the player managed to earn a total of $2,600.

Based on the comments, other players are going to use the vending machine trick to their advantage. One player says: "Nice to know. Thanks for sharing." Another adds: "Learned something new today."

In addition to the vending machines, others reveal players can earn even more cash by shooting other elements of the map. The player reveals: "[Players] can also do cash machines and ATMs."

So, if players are ever short of enough money to buy another killstreak or get their hands on the best guns and weapons, keep an eye out for any vending machines capable of giving players the option to gain the upper hand.

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