Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 trailer teases return of legendary Warzone map

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Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk map and Captain Price on red background
Credit: Activision

Throughout Warzone's lifespan, its developers have introduced a number of different maps into Call of Duty's battle royale. Ranging from the Pacific island of Caldera to the urban sprawl of most recent addition, Vondel, there's plenty of variety on offer for those dropping into the action.

As attention turns towards the launch of Modern Warfare 3, a trailer has confirmed the return of an iconic villain ahead of an in-game reveal that's expected to feature more information about Sledgehammer Games' latest project.

The same trailer that unveiled the villain also teases the potential return of a legendary map, which hasn't appeared in Call of Duty since the first iteration of Warzone.

Modern Warfare 3 trailer teases Verdansk return

During the short teaser trailer, the small snippets of gameplay seem to reveal that Verdansk will feature in Modern Warfare 3 in some capacity, much to the excitement of fans.

Eagle-eyed players have been quick to spot the Verdansk prison, in addition to the football club badge that could be found all over the map's stadium when it first launched during the debut of Warzone.

Twitter user WarzoneQG has managed to assemble a clip showing all of the possible Verdansk references from the trailer. In addition to the stadium and the castle, there are glimpses of the map's dam and the boneyard points of interest.

Is Verdansk returning to Warzone?

Judging by recent leaks and rumours, Verdansk won't be heading back to Warzone. However, if these teases are anything to go by, it looks likely to play a part in Modern Warfare 3's single-player campaign.


More information surrounding that campaign is expected to arrive on August 17, when the in-game reveal takes place. If previous in-game spectacles are anything to go by, players can expect a trailer to appear once they complete the event's objective.

The prospect of Verdansk returning is an exciting one. If it features in MW3's single-player story, there's always a chance of the iconic battleground also making a long-awaited return to Warzone. For now, rumours suggest a map set in the Las Almas region will arrive when the first season of the new cycle begins.

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