Warzone 2 loadout drops explained - How to get your guns

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Warzone loadout drop
Credit: Activision
November 28, 2022: Warzone 2 is out now. Here's how to get your hands on your guns through a loadout drop.

Since the reveal of Warzone 2, there's one question on the minds of players. Does Warzone 2 have loadout drops? Following the Call of Duty Next event, fans of the battle royale noticed the glaring omission of the feature, leaving many wondering how they get their hands on their favourite weapons over the course of a match.


Loadout drops play a pivotal role in the first iteration of Warzone, giving players the opportunity to obtain a loadout containing their weapon of choice, equipment, and perks capable of turning the tide of a match.

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Does Warzone 2 have loadout drops?

Thanks to an official Warzone 2 blog post, players can get loadout drops in Warzone 2. This is great news for those that saw early footage of the game and noticed there was no way of obtaining a full loadout during a match.


Can you buy a Warzone 2 loadout drop?

There's no way to buy a loadout drop in a Warzone 2 match. However, you can still purchase a gun from a buy station alongside a range of attachments.

Depending on the price, the ability to buy specific guns could dictate the meta if there's one lethal assault rifle available for a few thousand dollars.

Warzone 2 player protecting loadout drop
Credit: Activision

How to get a Warzone 2 loadout

Although you can't buy one from a buy station, there's a way you can earn a loadout drop. Strongholds are AI-controlled areas of Al Mazrah and offer a loadout drop as a reward for eliminating all enemies in the area.

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Warzone 2 loadout drop locations

Although little is known about Warzone 2 loadout drops, we expect them to function in the same way as the loadout drop events from the first Warzone. At a random point of the match, a loadout drop will fall somewhere within the circle.


The exact locations are totally random so expect plenty of competition when attempting to earn your loadout.

Warzone 2 release date

Warzone 2 launches on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on November 16, 2022. Before that, numerous content creators are heading to the Infinity Ward studios for a closer look at the battle royale.

Ahead of the launch, expect plenty more details on Warzone 2 loadout drops to emerge alongside intel on other new mechanics including the new circle collapse.


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