Warzone bug stops players from earning their favourite loadouts

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Screenshot of Warzone supply box and Warzone player aiming down sights of assault rifle with cherry blossom tree in the background
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Warzone cycle, players dropping into the action are no strangers to a number of game-breaking bugs and glitches that negatively impact the game.

As the focus moves towards the start of Season 4 Reloaded, a gulag exploit is enabling ranked play competitors to earn easy SR. Among the bugs, the Warzone developers recently made a u-turn on a Vondel feature that’s splitting the opinions of players.

The most recent bug causing chaos involves the Favourite Supply Box. Instead of offering those that open it their favourite loadouts, they’re receiving nothing at all.

Warzone Favourite Supply Box is broken

The bug, uncovered by Reddit user El_Nieto_PR, has noticed the issue only occurs when attempting to obtain their favourite combination of the M4 assault rifle and the ISO 45 SMG.

The player says: “If I make other loadouts my favourite, they work, but not the M4/ISO 45 combo. It’s pretty annoying.” It appears this player isn’t the only one to encounter this frustrating flaw. Another fan adds: “I had this same bug when I tried to change which class was my favourite.”

Thankfully, one player has found a temporary workaround. The fan reveals: “Changing the first class in the list to favourite fixed it.”

It’s unclear what’s causing Favourite Supply Boxes to malfunction over the course of a match, but with the mid-season update right around the corner, Raven Software is bound to introduce a fix that allows fans to get their hands on their preferred loadout when using the box. For now, it’s probably best to utilise a loadout drop to gain access to the meta guns and weapons.

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