Warzone devs make u-turn on Vondel feature

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Screenshot of Warzone players in fog with mansion in the background and Warzone player skydiving onto Vondel
Credit: Activision

Warzone developers are no strangers to making minor adjustments to various aspects of the game. Usually, most changes arrive as part of a seasonal update but in some cases, smaller tweaks to Call of Duty’s battle royale appear as a hotfix.

As attention moves towards the launch of Season 4 Reloaded, recent updates to Warzone’s anti-cheat are causing hackers to ‘hallucinate’ during matches, while the best SO-14 loadout continues to dominate the meta.

The latest update to the game involves the recently-released Vondel map. Players dropping into the action have already noticed a significant change to its visual appearance, much to their delight.

Warzone Vondel map fog nerf

On June 26, 2023, Raven Software quietly announced it reduced the chance of fog appearing during Vondel Resurgence matches.

While several fans are pleased with the change, some are asking the developer to go one step further and remove fog altogether. One Twitter user asks: “Let’s take it one step further and remove it altogether from Resurgence/BR. The map has perfect visibility and vibrant colours, no reason to ruin that.”

Vondel’s fog arrived as part of the Season 4 update and rather than changing the pace of play for the better, players retreated indoors until the mist subsided at a later stage of the match.

Although there’s high demand for the removal of fog, there are plenty of fans that don’t want it to disappear. One player says: “But I like the fog? Are people whining about this too? Dynamic weather effects are awesome.”

Judging by community feedback, there’s a higher chance of Vondel fog making way for clear skies, rather than it lingering around the map for any length of time. We’ll have to wait and see which direction Raven Software chooses to take.

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