Warzone 2 guns are displaying the wrong damage stats

Warzone 2 soliders in combat
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 soliders in combat
Credit: Activision

Before dropping into a Warzone 2 match, it’s important to check the statistics of the weaponry dominating the ever-changing meta. Infinity Ward and Raven Software often apply numerous buffs and nerfs in a bid to spice up Call of Duty’s battle royale.

As attention turns towards the Season Two Reloaded update, weapon variety has improved thanks to hefty nerfs for the Fennec 45 and the RPK. However, there’s a chance several guns in the arsenal are displaying incorrect information.

According to some members of the community, the damage stats for some guns is nowhere near where they should be.

Are Warzone 2 gun stats broken?

Reddit user BugsBunny1993 noticed that the damage stats for the EBR-14 marksman rifle and the SO-14 battle rifle don’t contain the important intel needed to determine which is the superior weapon.

“EBR has less damage in stats, but does more damage than the SO-14 even at point blank,” reveals the player. They also note that the P890 pistol can eliminate a practice dummy faster than most assault rifles with the same number of shots despite the stats showing that the pistol’s damage output is much less. “Laziness, or just another ‘feature’?” they ask.

Other players believe the problem lies with Infinity Ward deciding to use stat bars instead of numerical values to display weapon performance. “It’s not hard to give us numerical data for stats,” comments one frustrated fan.

Another eagle-eyed player also points out that specific weapon categories possess different damage multipliers, which would explain the difference in performance. “Marksman rifles have higher multipliers than battle rifles on the chest and head,” reports another user.

Warzone 2 containing incorrect weapon stats wouldn’t be surprising considering the numerous bugs and glitches affecting players. Most recently, a graphical glitch is transforming the game into an 8-bit nightmare, making it difficult to land any kind of damage even if it’s not what players are expecting.

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