Warzone 2 bug transforms game into pixelated mess

Warzone 2 8-bit graphics glitch
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 8-bit graphics glitch
Credit: Activision

Despite its short history, Warzone 2 has had its fair share of game-breaking bugs and glitches that ruin the game for players dropping into Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Whether it’s trucks driving underwater or helicopters exploding, there are various problems impacting Call of Duty’s battle royale.

With Season Two Reloaded on the way, fans hope changes to the meta inject a breath of fresh air into the game. Although Infinity Ward and Raven Software do their best to address bugs quickly, new issues continue appearing.

The latest problem is creating pixelated outlines of weapons and the surrounding environment, transforming Warzone 2 into an 8-bit mess.

Warzone 2 8-bit graphics bug ruins matches

Uncovered by Reddit user itsbradyo, the bug causes a huge number of jagged outlines affecting numerous shadows and textures. It even impacts the entry plane before a match begins.

It’s unclear if this particular problem is an isolated incident or a widespread issue affecting most players. It’s certainly clear that the issue is far from ideal. Judging by the location of the strange outlines, it appears that the bug impacts Warzone 2’s shadows.

For hardened Warzone veterans, graphical glitches aren’t anything new. Throughout the Pacific era and the early stages of the Warzone 2 cycle, players turned completely invisible making it impossible for opponents to counter them.

Raven Software hasn’t addressed the issue just yet but there’s a high chance the developer is hard at work on a fix to introduce as part of an upcoming update. In the meantime, it looks like 8-bit Warzone 2 is here to stay for a little while longer. It’s not a great situation for players but the glitch will soon disappear for good.

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