Warzone 2's Season Two update could spell the death of the game

Warzone 2 Season Two update
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 Season Two update
Credit: Activision

The current state of Warzone 2 continues to frustrate players dropping into the battle royale. Since its launch, numerous bugs and glitches have impacted the game. Whether it’s mid-air helicopter explosions, trucks driving underwater, or scaffolding stopping players from scoring nukes, there are issues affecting every part of Al Mazrah.

With attention turning to the Season Two update, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Infinity Ward continues revealing major changes including the return of the 1v1 gulag in a bid to stop Warzone 2’s downward slope towards failure.

Ahead of the next season of content, fans are discussing what happens if the update is unable to deliver on the high expectations.

Will Season Two be a success?

The future success of Season Two sparked debate after Reddit user captainsmokey507 asked whether it’s ‘make or break’ for the battle royale. “If Resurgence fails, are you sticking around?”

The comments are split. Some are optimistic but there are others that believe there’s no way back for Warzone 2. “If they drop the ball on this new season we could start to see a more dramatic drop in player population,” says one fan.

On the other hand, the return of Resurgence along with a brand-new map has a strong chance of injecting a breath of fresh air into the game. “Resurgence is what a lot of people grew accustomed to playing. I’m sure a lot of players will come back to play,” says another hoping Infinity Ward and Raven Software delivers.

With so much content on the way, the chances of Season Two injecting a breath of fresh air into the game are high but once the initial hype dies down are players going to ditch the game in favour of better battle royale experiences? Only time will tell.

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