Warzone 2 bug is stopping players earning nukes and fans have had enough

Warzone 2 no nuke glitch
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 no nuke glitch
Credit: Activision

Scoring a Warzone 2 nuke is an incredibly tricky task to achieve over the course of a match. It’s the goal of several players dropping into Al Mazrah as it comes with plenty of rewards including the Warzone 2 nuke skin.

As attention turns to the launch of Season Two, the community hopes Infinity Ward and Raven Software will address numerous bugs and glitches alongside the return of a 1v1 gulag and major adjustments to looting.

The latest bug ruining matches involves the coveted killstreak and thanks to the map, players are unable to destroy Al Mazrah.

Map bug stops Warzone 2 nukes

During a recent broadcast, Twitch streamer alara_b was about to arm the explosives to detonate the nuke but the target ended up stuck within some scaffolding on a building rooftop. After attempting to activate it, the progress bar fills but the countdown timer doesn’t start.

The comments offer their support to the content creator after failing to complete the task. “I’m so sorry,” says one user. “That’s so frustrating.” Another says the number of issues affecting is extremely disappointing. “The amount of new bugs and 3-year-old bugs from Warzone 1 that followed is real disappointing and concerning,” comments another frustrated fan.

One commenter believes the battle royale should’ve been released at a later date. “This game needed to come out in Spring 2023.” Perhaps a later release date would’ve allowed the developers to iron out any problems and ensure a smooth experience for everyone attempting to become the last player standing

The location of the nuke is the likely cause of the problem and with the development team making numerous changes to Warzone 2, there’s a high chance scaffolding won’t stop anyone from scoring a nuke.

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