Warzone 2 player claims Rebirth Island wouldn't play well

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Warzone 2 buggy and Warzone 2 player holding zipline
Credit: Activision
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Throughout the first Warzone cycle, Rebirth Island was a mainstay of the map pool thanks to its small size and fast pace of play. With the majority of players jumping over to Warzone 2, the vast expanse of Al Mazrah is the only battleground that’s available to play.

With Season One Reloaded now underway and as leaks surrounding a new Resurgence map start appearing, you may never drop into Rebirth Island again despite the high demand from the community.


Although the return of Rebirth Island in Warzone 2 sounds like a good idea, one player believes the map wouldn’t play well with all of the new mechanics.

Would Rebirth Island work in Warzone 2?

The ability to utilise an aggressive style of play and the quick nature of a Rebirth Island match were the main selling points and according to Reddit user “OGPoundedYams,” the map wouldn’t have the same level of replayability. “Do you honestly think it will be the same?” questions the player hoping the map returns.


The player isn’t the only one that believes the current set of game mechanics would result in Rebirth Island not working well in Warzone 2. “Rebirth would not play well in WZ2 and I wouldn’t play Rebirth 2.0 because it’s quite obvious they removed Rebirth/Fortune’s Keep from Warzone to boost their Warzone 2 numbers.” Another commenter says there’s “nothing about Warzone 2 that is fast-paced,” reiterating “looting is really slow and that won’t work well in a Resurgence mode.”

The lack of slide cancelling is a welcome change to slow the pace of play but the removal of sprinting when using armour plates and the ability to cancel a reload stops any kind of aggression which is hugely frustrating if you’re a fan of running and gunning the opposition.

Rather than Rebirth Island not playing well due to mechanical changes, it seems Resurgence modes won’t work as well unless Infinity Ward makes some changes to the battle royale.


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