Warzone 2 player eliminates squadmates with parked car

Warzone 2 vehicle with downed symbols and Ghost
Credit: Activision

With so many variables, there are several things that can kill you during a Warzone 2 match. Call of Duty’s latest battle royale is packed with everything ranging from silent electric vehicles to armoured AI hunting you down at any given moment.

As attention turns to Season One Reloaded, players continue to rack up wins and score the coveted nuke that confirms your status as a Warzone 2 superstar.

The objective of Warzone 2 is to be the last one standing at the end of a match. In the case of one unlucky player, a wrong turn eliminates their squadmates with a parked car.

Warzone 2 parked car kills

After taking down an opponent using an SUV, a player that goes by the name of “bilaltoumi” skids into the approaching gas cloud. On their way out, they hit a parked car which manages to run over their squadmates much to their confusion.

Although the accidental deaths were frustrating, the community sees the funny side of this incredibly unusual way of losing a Warzone 2 match. Twitter user @Miltop1G says they “didn’t know Warzone 2 added bowling in the game.” Other comments question the probability of all three players lining up in a way where the unmanned car eliminates them from the action.

The chances of it happening are incredibly low and although Bilal committed the ultimate betrayal, their teammates brush off the incident with laughter. Let’s hope they had enough cash for some buybacks later on in the match.

While some players are dying due to accidental collisions with cars, the recent discovery of an invincibility bug is allowing unarmed players to sprint around Al Mazrah without taking any kind of damage.

So, next time you’re driving a vehicle in Warzone 2, keep an eye on any stationary cars that could prove disastrous for the rest of your squad.

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