Warzone 2 glitch turns players invincible

Warzone 2 player covered in hitmarkers with downed player
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player covered in hitmarkers with downed player
Credit: Activision

With millions of players dropping into a Warzone 2 match, there’s always a possibility you’ll encounter a few bugs and glitches on your way to becoming the last player standing. Typically, Infinity Ward is extremely quick to address issues but as soon as one is fixed, another appears.

Ahead of Season One Reloaded, fans of the battle royale continue battling in Al Mazrah but some are encountering opponents possessing supernatural powers much to their annoyance.

Thanks to a glitch, players are turning invincible giving them a huge advantage over anyone trying to send them to the gulag.

Warzone 2 invincibility glitch

With the gas circle slowly closing in, Reddit user “DukeNukedEmm” opens fire on an unarmed player. Instead of the opponent hitting the ground, they resist a huge number of bullets before punching the user to the ground.

Hackers are no strangers to turning themselves invincible but one commenter believes that there’s an unintentional exploit affecting unsuspecting players. “The guy sounds surprised like it’s some sort of glitch.”

Other players aren’t convinced by the glitch. Another comment claims “Ricochet is a joke,” citing Call of Duty’s anti-cheat managing to let hackers slip through the net to ruin your games.

The invincibility glitch is one of several issues impacting the game heading towards its first mid-season update. While hackers might not be the cause of this particular problem, cheaters are managing to operate flying speedboats to gain an unfair advantage and an easier path to victory.

It’s unclear if players turning invincible is an isolated incident but considering the huge impact it has on the game, there’s a high chance of Infinity Ward applying a fix in the not-too-distant future. If you do encounter a player running towards you without a weapon, it’s probably best to run the other way to avoid an early trip back to the main menu.

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