Could this gun be the new meta in Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 new meta gun
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 new meta gun
Credit: Activision

Throughout the duration of Season One, the meta for Warzone 2 has remained stable much to the annoyance of players dropping into Al Mazrah. The lack of weapon variety has resulted in the RPK light machine gun and the Fennec 45 submachine gun dominating matches.

With only two weapons capable of making an impact, the community describes the meta as boring heading into Season Two. As the end of the first season nears, players are always on the lookout for any potential advantages to gain over the opposition.

The latest discovery involves another gun that’s flying under the radar. After using it, many believe it has the characteristics to spark major changes in the battle royale.

Is the RAPP H meta?

According to Reddit user Acceptable_Set3269, the RAPP H has all the elements needed to dominate those competitive mid-range engagements. After managing to achieve victory in a recent quads match, the player was “pleasantly surprised with the damage and recoil control.”

Despite winning the match, Acceptable_Set3269 also revealed the RAPP H had its drawbacks. “It does burn through ammo and with a 75-round drum comes with a slow reload” but with some additional patience, it’s very easy to make an impact in Al Mazrah.

“It’s a very solid LMG,” states another user. On the other hand, some commenters believe that the RAPP H doesn’t have the ability to contend with the guns leading the charge. The RAPP H “won’t be the meta because streamers rarely use a gun that has slow mobility stats. The RPK has broken through because they barely split the gap between AR and LMG.”

As attention moves towards the new season, there’s a high possibility of Infinity Ward implementing widespread weapon balancing meaning the RAPP H may not have a chance to shine at the top of the Warzone 2 mountain.

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