Nadeshot receives unexpected Warzone 2 shadowban

Warzone 2 players in plane and Nadeshot wearing hoodie
Credit: Activision / Twitch: Nadeshot

Warzone 2 players in plane and Nadeshot wearing hoodie
Credit: Activision / Twitch: Nadeshot

Despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward and Raven Software, Warzone 2 players continue to encounter numerous bugs and glitches capable of ruining the game. Whether you fall victim to a mid-air helicopter explosion or your optics feature some unusual Christmas lights, issues keep impacting the battle royale.

With all eyes already locked on the Season Two update, many hope the developers will provide a variety of bug fixes so their time in Al Mazrah doesn’t end with a trip to the gulag caused by a glitch.

The latest problem affecting several players, including former CoD pro and 100 Thieves founder Matt “Nadeshot” Haag, is accidental shadowbanning. During a recent stream, Nadeshot was temporarily suspended from Warzone 2 much to his annoyance.

No more Warzone 2 for Nadeshot

Midway through a January 5 stream, Nadeshot was dropping into Warzone 2 with varying degrees of success. After a few matches, the game placed a temporary suspension on the former OpTic Gaming superstar.

“With the amounts of shots I missed, I’m overwhelmed that the system thinks I should be under review,” says Nadeshot. It turns out, he’s not the only one that’s been falsely accused of cheating by Ricochet anti-cheat. Other players that manage to score ten kills are mysteriously disconnecting from matches.

While Nadeshot was able to overturn the wrongful ban in an hour, there are others that aren’t as fortunate. If you think you’re on the receiving end of an unintentional shadowban, you’ll need to check out the Activision support page where you can submit an appeal. If successful, you’ll return to normal lobbies in no time at all.

If you’re about to secure your tenth kill in a Warzone 2 match, it’s probably best to think twice before pulling the trigger until Activision address this hugely frustrating issue.

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