Warzone 2 lag causing players to fly in mid-air

Warzone 2 mid-air lag
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 mid-air lag
Credit: Activision

Experiencing lag over the course of a Warzone 2 match is hugely frustrating. Poor connectivity often results in a premature visit to the gulag or in worst-case scenarios, a disconnection to the main menu.

With the launch of Season Two on the horizon, Raven Software and Infinity Ward are attempting to ensure the Warzone 2 servers are functioning as intended alongside confirming the return of the 1v1 gulag and the arrival of Ashika Island, the brand-new Resurgence map.

Ahead of the new season, players dropping into the action are experiencing severe lag spikes that are causing them to fly in mid-air.

Lag is ruining Warzone 2 matches

During a recent trios match, Reddit user StraightUpKnifes opened a supply box containing thousands in cash but after stashing it away in their backpack, a sudden dose of lag sends the player skywards.

After patrolling Al Mazrah’s blue skies for a few seconds, the player returns to the action and carries on from where they left off. Thankfully, there weren’t any nearby opponents looking to take advantage of the high ping.

This isn’t the only case of Warzone 2 lag preventing players from entering the winner’s circle. “It’s awful, especially when you are fighting a team,” says another frustrated commenter. “Should have killed two guys only to be sent flying under the map, then end up dead."

Despite the servers continuing to host millions of players dropping into their matches, some members of the community believe the lag is due to the low tick rate of servers.

Typically, a higher tick rate results in better hit registration and minimal connectivity issues and with Call of Duty notorious for using low-tick servers, it might be time for an upgrade so lag stops ruining matches once and for all.

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