Warzone 2 stats reveal gun does 40% more damage than MW2 equivalent

Warzone 2 Ghost and Gaz holding guns
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 Ghost and Gaz holding guns
Credit: Activision

The entirety of the Warzone 2 arsenal is ported over from Modern Warfare 2 on a unified engine, meaning weapon performance should match in multiplayer and the battle royale. However, the current meta within the battle royale is vastly different to what’s effective in multiplayer.

Even within the patch notes, Infinity Ward pairs the weapon balancing together so all buffs and nerfs are felt across the board. However, a recent discovery suggests all isn’t what it seems. While glitches cause weapons to disappear and helicopters to explode in mid-air, there are more potentially game-breaking issues.

A recent discovery has revealed one gun deals 40% more damage in Warzone 2 than it does in Modern Warfare 2, leaving players extremely confused.

Inconsistent Warzone 2 gun performance

On January 9, content creator TrueGameData took a deep dive into the Warzone 2 weapon statistics and upon further investigation, he discovers the X12 pistol features a “dramatic increase” in damage when compared to its Modern Warfare 2 counterpart.

A closer look at the stats reveals the X12 deals a total of 29 damage points within 15 metres in multiplayer but in Warzone 2, it deals 41 resulting in far superior close-range performance in Al Mazrah.

While the X12 is much stronger in the battle royale, TrueGameData takes a look at other popular weapons including the TAQ-56 assault rifle. According to the stats, there’s no difference between Warzone 2 and MW2 which is positive news if you’re attempting to master the assault rifle.

The reason behind the X12's increase in performance remains a mystery. However, it’s not stopped some players from suggesting that the extra damage is a ploy to counter the lack of weapons available at the start of matches. It’s unclear whether the X12 will receive a nerf but in the meantime, make sure you make the most of it to make an impact in the early game.

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