Best Warzone 2 TAQ-56 loadout

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Warzone 2 TAQ-56 in firing range
Credit: Activision
November 21, 2022: Warzone 2 is now available and the TAQ-56 is proving popular. Scroll down for the best loadout and best attachments to use.

The best Warzone 2 TAQ-56 loadout is a topic players need to know about before dropping into Call of Duty's latest battle royale. Alongside a brand-new map, Infinity Ward has bought a brand-new arsenal of weapons to master. One of them is the TAQ-56 assault rifle (AR).


Sharing numerous similarities to the SCAR-H from 2009's Modern Warfare 2, the AR comes with a controllable rate of fire and one of the highest damage outputs in the entire category. However, the rifle possesses a slow sprint-to-fire time which leaves you vulnerable when attempting to react quickly.

Before we take a closer look at the best Warzone 2 TAQ-56 loadout, check out our other guides showcasing the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle and the latest intel on Warzone 2 ranked play.

What is the best Warzone 2 TAQ-56 loadout?

Attachment Name
Barrel14.5" Tundra Pro Barrel
OpticHybrid Firepoint
StockTV LPX-434
Magazine60 Round Mags

Improving accuracy, damage range, and recoil is the aim of this particular build.

Although the TAQ-56 is less mobile than the baseline version, the extra damage and range make all the difference in mid-range combat.


Best Warzone 2 TAQ-56 attachments

The Warzone 2 gunsmith comes with a huge variety of attachments that transform any weapon to suit any style of play imaginable.

In the case of the TAQ-56, this set of five packs a lethal punch ensuring there's no damage drop-off at longer distances. Here's the full attachment list:

  • Muzzle: Echoless-80
  • Barrel: 14.5" Tundra Pro Barrel
  • Optic: Hybrid Firepoint
  • Stock: TV LPX-434
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag

Up first is the Echoless-80 muzzle and although it's a suppressor, it comes with an increase in bullet velocity and damage range. Paired with the 14.5" Tundra Pro barrel, the damage increases guarantee maximum output is maintained in all scenarios.

The unsung hero of this combination is the 60-round mag which allows you to wipe a squad without any need to reload.

Image showing the TAQ-56 in the Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Screengrab via Activision

How to unlock TAQ-56 in Warzone 2

Unlock methods are changing in Warzone 2. Rather than just reaching a specific level, some weapons are part of a family. This means you'll need to unlock a weapon receiver in order to select the weapon as part of a loadout.

If the TAQ-56 belongs to a weapon family, we'll share which weapon you need to rank up before you get your hands on the AR.

Best Warzone 2 TAQ-56 perk package and equipment

Once the best TAQ-56 attachments are ready, it's time to search for a perk package and equipment combination that provides further benefits during matches. Here are our recommendations.

Perk package

  • Bomb Squad (Base)
  • Double Time (Base)
  • Resupply (Bonus)
  • High Alert (Ultimate)


  • Frag Grenade (Lethal)
  • Flash Grenade (Tactical)

Is the TAQ-56 good in Warzone 2?

The TAQ-56 excels in mid-range combat thanks to the improvements made by our attachment selection. The hybrid scope also adds a layer of versatility giving you an option to make an impact in long-distance duels too.

That's all there is to know about the best Warzone 2 TAQ-56 loadout. For more, check out our guides highlighting the best Warzone 2 guns and all there is to know about the Warzone 2 map.