Warzone 2 player earns world record thanks to ridiculous bug

Warzone 2 player holding world record certificate
Credit: Activision / Guinness World Records

Warzone 2 player holding world record certificate
Credit: Activision / Guinness World Records

Due to a lack of leaderboards in Warzone 2, players often drop into Al Mazrah in order to secure themselves a world record. Whether it’s the most amount of kills earned in a match or the number of nukes scored in a specific time period, the world’s best are often trying to outdo each other.

As attention turns towards the launch of Season Two and the return of the 1v1 gulag, the community hopes Infinity Ward stops areas of the map from transforming into Rainbow Road and random mid-air helicopter explosions.

The latest bug impacting the community is forcing players out of the entry plane early, resulting in one player earning the world record for the fastest Warzone 2 death ever.

Warzone 2 bug causing early deaths

The bug, uncovered by Reddit user VeraKorradin, sees players dropping into the action while the plane is flying through restricted areas. With no time to reach safety, the player takes a surprisingly early trip to the gulag.

“New ‘fastest death in WZ’ record?” questions the player. As with most newly-discovered Warzone 2 bugs, the community was quick to share their thoughts on the premature drop. “I can’t even keep track of all the bugs in this game anymore,” says one fan. “It feels like a new one magically appears every couple days.” They’re certainly not wrong there.

One user jokingly highlights the dangers of standing on the ramp of the entry plane. “I always knew standing at the back of the ramp like that, one day someone was gonna slip and fall.”

It appears that VeraKorradin isn’t the only one experiencing this hugely frustrating issue. “This happened to me coming back from winning the gulag. Just ended up 300m in the gas,” replies another disgruntled player.

The exact cause of the early drop remains a mystery but there’s hope Infinity Ward addresses the problem before another player lands even earlier than this particular case.

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