Warzone 2 glitch stops players from aiming down sights

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Soldiers aiming down sights in Warzone 2.
Credit: Activision
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Having the ability to aim down sights (ADS) in Warzone 2 is an integral mechanic to use within Call of Duty’s battle royale offering. Rather than spraying and praying, zooming in ensures the bullets of players hit their intended target.

With the focus turning towards Season Two, the community is gearing up for major looting changes alongside the debut of the Ashika Island Resurgence map. Despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward and Raven Software, bugs and glitches continue to impact those dropping into the action.


The latest glitch emerging is preventing players from aiming down sights during gunfights, leaving several members of the community frustrated.

Warzone 2 ADS glitch is ruining matches

After dropping into Al Mazrah, Reddit user vickassouny uncovered the problem where the ability to ADS automatically cancels during a firefight against another player. “Anyone else having issues when ADS?”


It appears that the sudden inability to ADS isn’t an isolated incident. Other players are experiencing the same issue which is far from ideal. “Has happened on PC as well, doesn’t happen in other games,” reports another frustrated fan.

If the problem involved a broken controller, the lack of ADS capabilities would transfer over onto another title but as it’s only appearing in Warzone 2, it’s another glitch joining the ever-expanding list of issues the developers must address before it becomes widespread.

Thankfully, there’s a high chance the upcoming seasonal update addresses the problem in addition to a wealth of other bugs affecting players dropping into Al Mazrah.


Over the course of Season One, everything ranging from mid-air helicopter explosions to trucks that drive underwater have disrupted matches. Let’s hope Infinity Ward and Raven Software can address the problems so everyone can aim at their intended target.

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