Stray modder replaces cat with Shrek

An image of Shrek in Stray.

An image of Shrek in Stray.

Since its release, cat-based adventure game Stray has amassed a massive following on social media thanks to its feline protagonist.

However, with cat lovers everywhere distracted by video clips of real cats reacting to the game or mods that bring these real-life moggies into it in virtual form, a few modders have quietly begun to replace Stray’s cat with other species of cute animals and, occasionally, some pretty cursed entities.

While the likes of a Minecraft pig and Spyro the Dragon were fairly benign, GTA San Andreas’ CJ now has some competition when it comes to being the most surreal Stray mod.

Stray’s cat is love, Stray’s cat is life

The new mod in the running to steal this prestigious accolade is called ‘Be Shrek Be Love’ and is the work of Modder alefinthedeppdark, who has decided to have their first ever mod be something truly unforgettable.

Naturally, as the name suggests, the mod does one thing. It allows you to play through Stray as a strangely proportioned version of the infamous animated ogre, which will scoot around on all fours just like the rest of the game’s moggies.

Don’t worry about this breaking your delicate immersive link with the game either, as alefinthedeppdark has put in a bunch of effort to make sure the mod offers an in-depth Shrexperience, with even the cat’s meows being replaced with Mike Myers’ dulcet tones.

So, prepare to get hyped for what’s being pitched as a glorious return to the swamps of the Walled City, as you can see in the movie trailer-esque video below:

If Shrek isn’t quite a controversial enough addition for you, another Stray mod might offer an alternative way to scratch that itch.

Called ‘Potentially Objectively Cutest Cat Mod’, this creation is the work of modder DunkUK, who claims: “Some might think that their cat is the cutest, sorry but they're (probably) wrong. Floofy is (potentially) the cutest. Two out of the two cat owners interviewed agreed, so I think we can extrapolate this data.”

The cute cat in question, Floofy, is a real one and has required the use of NorskPL’s ‘Fluffy Fur Mod’ in order to be re-created in Stray.

Much like Shrek, the mission statement for those playing as Floofy is simple: “roleplay like a jerk” and cause as much chaos as possible.

So, download your ogre or cat of choice, go nuts, and make sure to follow us for guides to more Stray mods and on how to get into the nightclub or throw down a sick slam dunk.

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