Star Wars Jedi Survivor players hope that Cal and Merrin get a happy ending in the series’ next entry

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Cal Kestis and Merrin in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
Credit: Respawn/EA.

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, odds are you’ve spent the last few days delving into the freshly released entry in Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi series.

Assuming you’ve been lucky enough to have avoided having your playing sessions disrupted too badly by the array of performance-related issues that plagued the launch version of the game, there’ll have been more than enough planets to explore, bosses to battle and appearances to customise to keep you occupied, even if you’ve been playing from dawn until dusk.

For those already starting to approach 100% completion, mods can offer a few extra hours of intergalactic entertainment, as can coming up with ideas for the plot of a potential next entry in the series, with a recent discussion centring around how the warring sides of the force might play into Cal Kestis’ future adventures.

Do you want to see Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s pair of lovebirds get their happily ever after?

Warning: Spoilers for the main story of Star Wars Jedi Survivor may lie ahead.

This duality-based discussion can be found within in a recent thread on the subreddit r/fallenorder, which was kicked off by a post from user Better_Dinner8522, who asked: “Why do people want Cal to turn to the dark side (of the force) in the next game?”

They followed this up by explaining their opposition to the idea, saying:: “To me, it would be depressing (as well as) a slap in the face to Jaro and Cere. It would be like Luke getting turned to the darkside by Palpatine at the very end of Return of the Jedi.”

Some of their fellow force-users speculated that support for this character shift could be coming from those who just want to be able to wield some of the flashy powers on offer to the Sith, such as force chokes and lightning blasts.

Meanwhile, the thread’s consensus on where the game should go instead seemed to skew in a very romantic direction, with user Thicc_Grayson84 declaring: “I just want Cal and Merrin to have a happy ending, but I doubt that's going to happen,” and later adding: “I know people will say it's cliche or cheesy but I feel like it's just as cliche to have something tragic happen. Give us happiness!!”

The thread in r/fallenorder.
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Similarly, user EquivalentPlane6095 argued that they’d only accept a full turn to the dark side if it was set up by a significant event that could serve as a believable motivation for Cal to start dressing like a member of My Chemical Romance, before musing: “Personally, since we haven’t seen a single good canon romance between a Jedi and a second person, (during which) nothing bad happens, I just want a happy ending for Cal.”

Regardless of whether you’re praying that the owner of the coolest mullet in the galaxy gets to ride off into the sunset on a high, make sure to check out the massive array of helpful guides we’ve created about everything from perks to dungeons, which can aid your quest to become a Jedi master.

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