Skyrim players air their most controversial unpopular opinions about the game

A promo screenshot for Skyrim.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot for Skyrim.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Life in Skyrim can be pretty dangerous for NPCs, with angry players often causing trouble and hunting down those who might rat them out to the guards.

However, sometimes these annoyed adventurers turn their attention away from putting together their Ebony Blade kill lists and taking out their rage on their various nemeses via combat to focus on details within the game that really grind their gears.

While this has recently been true of one oft-forgotten possible plot hole in the iconic Helgen intro sequence, another Reddit thread has provided a safe venting space for those whose pet peeves are a little more varied.

What’s your most nuclear Skyrim take?

Said thread in the Skyrim subreddit began with a post from user nstzz, who said: “I’ve done this before but it’s been a while, I wanna hear your Skyrim unpopular opinions.”

Their fellow players were quick to start chucking out incendiary viewpoint like unhinged fire mages, with user ShadowAgent41 supplying four for the price of one, including: “Illusion and alteration are the most fun skills to use in the game” and “Jarl Balgruuf is one of the best jarls in the game but also one of the worst fathers in the game.”

They weren't the only one whose thoughts immediately went in a magical direction, with user Keerakh7 suggesting: “Restoration is indeed a valid school of magic” and northcountyman arguing that: “Playing Skyrim VR as a mage is absolutely the most fun way to play Skyrim.”

Meanwhile, other users focused more on how some mechanics are integrated into quests, with ThePatrician25 saying: “I absolutely hate the forced lycanthropy in the Companions questline. I'm fine with there being werewolves in the Companions, but the questline forcing it upon the player if they want to continue? Shor's Bones, just no.” Martheukerofhoek adds: “The werewolf form is boring and could be so much more.”

On the other hand, some notoriously disliked quests got some rare love, with user JonhConrad33 saying: “(The) Meridia’s Beacon quest is actually a good quest. An interesting dungeon clearing quest with a good reward.”

Some users had compelling takes on modding the game, with FrekiWolfhart arguing: “I'd say this one would be pretty unpopular, but mods are nowhere near mandatory. The base game is very good.” and Bobicus_The_Third adding: “Mods make it significantly more likely that you'll bail on the playthrough instead of finishing it. That's great for its own fun but it's a trade-off.”

Regardless of whether you agree with any of these intriguing viewpoints, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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