Skyrim player finally finds a way to stop the game’s relentless couriers from reaching you

An image of Skyrim's Dragonborn avoiding a courier.

When they’re not going on heroic quests, battling the ebony warrior or teaming up with the Blades to defeat Alduin, Skyrim’s Dragonborn seems to get caught up in a litany of weird and wacky scenarios.

From fighting a horde of Falmer who sound like Gollum to massacring an entire village using only the power of dabbing and using a sigil stone to become a magical Michael Jordan, the list is almost endless.

For some reason, a lot of these strange capers end up involving the game’s couriers, who’ve done everything from putting out a hit on a player to joining the Mythic Dawn cult. Thankfully, if you’re sick of their antics, a player on Reddit has found the perfect way to mess with Skyrim’s mailmen and women.

Have you ever gotten tired of receiving junk mail in Skyrim?

The thread in question on the Skyrim subreddit began with a post from the player in question, user Zyxvuts_31, who shared a clip of them using one of the streams running through Markarth to keep away a courier who clearly didn’t want to get their new shoes wet.

Most of their fellow players seemed pretty impressed by their triumph over the relentless nature of Tamriel’s messengers, with user Paynzer declaring: “Someone finally beat him.” and MEURSIICC adding: “It’s simple things in life like this that give me joy.”

On the other hand, a few seemed to have some sympathy for the courier, with user dudecalmdown69 lamenting: “But he has something for you…something for your hands only.”

Meanwhile, others shared their own tales of attempted courier avoidance, with user PieSama562 saying: “This never works for me, he just teleports onto my position or sneaks up behind me (and says) ‘I have something for you, your eyes only. Let’s see here…’.”

However, some had managed to be as successful as Zyxvuts_31, with user techGore60 saying: “I once downloaded a mod that gave me a way to increase my running speed. I then used it to (drag) the (courier) all the way across Skyrim from Markarth to Riften. I still consider it one of my greatest achievements.”

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