Sims 4 player forces one poor mother to give birth to 100 kids, creating a very strange family tree

An 100 baby challenge family in The Sims 4.

An 100 baby challenge family in The Sims 4.

The world of The Sims is full of wacky events and unexpected occurrences that can leave players dying with laughter and searching for an explanation.

After all, if you’re trying to fill in time while you wait for The Sims 5 or a remaster of the Sims 2 to arrive, why not try creating a family of Keanu Reeves clones, raising a child that looks a bit like Voldemort, or using the clubs system to facilitate some morally dubious practices.

One such means of spicing up a playthrough is by attempting the 100-baby challenge, as one player on Reddit has successfully completed and, in the process, created a rather unique family tree.

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Their feat is the subject of a recent thread in the subreddit r/thesims, which began with a post from the player themselves, user Evenstar_GW, who shared a number of images showing all of the sims belonging to their 100 baby family along with a link to their family tree and captioned these: “One mom and 46 dads make 100 kids - 100 baby challenge completed.”

A number of their fellow Sims stans were left rather concerned for the mother’s health following all of this exertion, with user Tend3roniJabroni saying: “Get that woman an ice pack for Christ's sake.” and k1rage asking: “Is.... is she ok?”

Thankfully, Evenstar_GW was able to allay their concerns somewhat by revealing: “She is fine, don't worry, she’s even got nice abs now that she has the time to train (in) wellness through Yoga a bit, (plus) she even had kid 101 with the love of her life.”

Meanwhile, a couple of other users shared their own tales from trying to complete the challenge, with Prestigious_Note2877 saying: “I got to like 30 something kids before I had to uninstall and reinstall my game, so I lost my progress.” and Busy-Flamingo-6396 revealing that they’d only managed to do it by having four different women get busy with 59 fathers.

If you fancy giving the challenge a go yourself, you can find a detailed set of rules for it here, which also cover how any add-on packs you might own can factor into proceedings.

Regardless of whether you’re now sorting through a pile of potential dad applications, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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