Sims fans don’t want The Sims 5, they actually want a Sims 2 remaster

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The Sims 2 logo on the left, being pointed to by an arrow. On the right is a crossed-out logo from The Sims Project Rene.

Those who’ve dedicated themselves to playing The Sims are no strangers to the unexpected, but they may have outdone themselves this time.

No, they haven’t found another confusing glitch or baffling scenario to add to the list, which currently contains the likes of a family of Keanu Reeves clones, a series of conspiracy-laden phone calls from Santa Claus and a child that looks a bit like Voldemort.

Instead, they’ve settled on a rather interesting response to EA’s recent reveals regarding The Sims 5, with some players declaring that they’d rather receive a remastered version of The Sims 2 than a new game in the series.

How would you feel about a remaster of The Sims 2?

The thread containing this controversial conclusion in the subreddit r/thesims began with a post from user readingismyescapism, who declared: “(I’ve) finally realised that I do not care whether or not we ever get the Sims 5. What I would really love to see is a remastered Sims 2.”

They also explained how they’d come to this conclusion, saying: “I just think that all the little details and love that went into the Sims 2 is the heart of what the Sims franchise used to be. As the games move along, it feels less and less whimsical and eccentric and more and more cash-grab.”

A lot of their fellow Sims stans seemed to agree with their assessment, with user _Pebcak_ saying: “I would also like to see this. Every time someone posts something like this I say that if I ever won the lottery for a (large) amount of money, I'm paying people to do this.” and the_light_of_dawn adding: “The comparative lack of spontaneity and absurdity in The Sims 4 really dampens the experience for me.”

On the other hand, user emogothfemboy suggested that they wouldn’t be in favour of a Sims 2 remaster, instead urging people just to play the original version of the game and citing their low faith in EA to deliver a remaster that wouldn’t include unwanted changes to the Sims 2 formula.

Regardless of whether you’d enjoy a return to old-school Sims, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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