All Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

Bonehilda in Sims 4, sims 4 Stuff Packs

Bonehilda in Sims 4, sims 4 Stuff Packs

Sims 4 stuff packs are another variant of downloadable content for players to pad out their games with. Without further ado, here is our list of all the Sims 4 stuff packs ranked.

The stuff packs technically started with the free Holiday Celebration bundle of items, but as this is not removable from games, we aren't counting it in the list. That said, there are now 18 to choose from, and are priced at £8.99 each. They're essentially a smaller Game Pack, but have more types of items than the Kits.

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All Sims 4 Stuff Packs, Ranked

Packs are somewhere between Kits and Game Packs in terms of content, and a little hard to quantify. They come with some clothing or hair options, but can also bring some gameplay elements, and of course furniture or build and buy items. A lot of them are very event-specific, so may not be worth the cost for some players

Here, we've ranked them from worst to best. And yes, in this case, there is definitely a worst stuff pack.

18 - My First Pet

My First Pet stuff Sims 4 pack, sims 4 Stuff Packs
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The premise of 'My First Pet' is great. You can get hamsters, which is ideal for Sims living in small spaces. You can even make them look like hedgehogs, which is an absolute win. There's clothing for cats and dogs (for some reason), but this, and a lot of other stuff in this pack needs Cats And Dogs to run.

The overall opinion on this pack is that it should have come with Cats And Dogs. Most furniture is recoloured options of what comes with the expansion, and it really feels like a bunch of items just left over. We can't recommend this in good conscience unless you really want a hamster.

17 - Moschino

Sims 4 Moschino designer stuff, sims 4 Stuff Packs
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The Sims has always had collaborative packs with brands and celebrities, from Ikea and H&M to Katy Perry herself. Sims 4’s first branded pack was the Moschino stuff, which created a bit of discourse in the player base.

While the contents of the pack itself isn't necessarily bad, it was a bit of an odd choice; the clothes can feel a little unusable, but the furniture fits nicely with modern and minimal homes. It even has a set of amps for the guitars! The saving graces of this pack are that it adds the freelance Fashion Photographer career, which is fun, but the best part is the window options. They’re versatile and simpler than a lot of other options in the game.

16 - Luxury Party

Sims 4 Luxury Party stuff, sims 4 Stuff Packs
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The Luxury Party game pack has potential, but it feels as if it’s only useful for… luxury parties. If you have glamorous Sims, or those who like to live luxuriously, then you’ll get a lot of use out of this pack. If not, then you may be of the opinion that this idea doesn’t warrant an entire Game Pack dedicated to it. Even so, the new clothing options are nice and swish, though the male hairstyles seemed to miss the opulent memo and are close to others already in the game.

There’s no new gameplay or interactions added with Luxury Party, though there are new food options including a chocolate fountain.

15 - Cool Kitchen

Sims 4 Cool Kitchen stuff
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Let’s move on to Cool Kitchen. This pack comes with a new set of kitchen appliances and counters, and some neat decorative accessories.

There are also Create-A-Sim items, too, which actually total more than the furniture. There’s a male and female fit apron option, but other than that the hair and clothes are reminiscent of existing styles within the game, especially the long female hair. Only one male hairstyle comes with this pack too, as opposed to six female styles.

Cool Kitchen may seem light on the furniture, but remember that the two counter and one cupboard options aren’t just what you see - there are custom sizes and shapes in there too. An ice cream maker is also included, which your Sims can have fun figuring out.

14 - Perfect Patio

Perfect Patio sims 4
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Most people bought this pack for the hot tub. However, a hot tub was then given away free as a 20th Anniversary gift to all players not long after. Some were peeved by this decision.

Unfortunately, everything else included in the pack is a little lackluster too. There's one new pair of trunks and two swimsuits, and some very clean, ultra-modern furniture items. For something themed around hot tubs and taking a dip, it feels like there should have been more swimwear at the very least, if not some towel-related items, too.

13 - Backyard

Backyard Stuff pack stuff in Sims 4
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Is your backyard feeling a little drab? Then spice it up with Backyard stuff! This pack has not one, not two, but six different windchimes for you to choose from. Oh, and some tables, chairs, and shrubbery. There's the giant shark-shaped slip n' slide as well to keep your Sims occupied.

The saving grace of this pack is the two hairstyles with dip dye ends, which is something that should feature more prominently given how popular bright hair dye is. The clothing options are quite reserved and can be easily used on casual Sims.

12 - Spooky

Spooky stuff Sims 4 pack
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The Spooky stuff pack screams Halloween party. Emphasis on the party. For those gothic Simmers among us, you may struggle to incorporate much of it into your usual builds. That said, some of the items are incredibly usable.

Within the pack, there is a candy bowl, lawn or larger indoor decorations of tombstones and ghosts, and a range of costumes for children and adults. There’s also a pumpkin carving table, which is an absolute must for anyone celebrating the season. The flooring options - especially the wooden boards - are great additions. The swatches are all usable, and the black floor will complement many types of build, not just Halloween-themed fiestas!

11 - Romantic Garden

Romantic Garden Sims 4 pack
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Though Romantic Garden's items have a specific style, it is great for community lots like parks. The stone furniture can be used for run-down or wealthy properties, and add a few different themes. The statues work very well in updating the many museums across the Sims 4 worlds.

The clothing is very 'date-night' chic, with smart trousers and nice jumpers. There is a couple of outfits for children, weirdly, which is an interesting touch.

10 - Bowling Night

Sims 4 Bowling Night
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The next couple of packs serve very specific purposes, and really should have been included in a bigger expansion pack, but here we are. Bowling Night allows you to build bowling alley hangout spots, complete with a bar, and dress your Sims accordingly in loud shirts or a retro tank.

The bowling in Sims 2 got some of us excited for this pack, but the gameplay isn't very social. Sims will focus on their game and their game only, not celebrating or interacting with others.

9 - Movie Hangout

Sims 4 movie Hangout
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Like bowling, the Movie Hangout stuff pack really only adds one thing, aside from using the buy mode items in houses.

It isn't exactly a cinema, but you can transform a Sim's living room into a movie night setting with boho furniture and a projector screen. The pack adds ten different movies for Sims to watch, and a popcorn maker to satiate their hunger needs during the feature.

8 - Vintage Glamour

Sims 4 Vintage Glamour
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The only reason that Vintage Glamour is so high on this list is that it resurrects the butler NPC that was sorely missing from the base game. Really, how are we meant to make fancy mansions without him?

Other than that, the pack features some Hollywood-inspired vintage clothing and hairstyles for all ages. Weirdly, the furniture in the pack seems quite modern. It has an art-deco twist but would fit in with any modern home.

7 - Fitness

Sims 4 Fitness stuff
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Exercise is an important part of our lives, and our Sims', too. This is why the Fitness pack was a needed addition to the game. The decoration that comes with Fitness is modern and sleek and can work in different build types on top of the swish gym type of place. There's a new treadmill, and an upper exercise machine, and a climbing wall.

We get some clothing that is questionably added as sportswear, too - which does bring down the success of the pack a little.

6 - Kids Room

Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff
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Children deserve better in the Sims. Thankfully, the Kid's Room pack is here to save the day. Boosting the wardrobe and cosmetic choices for kids, you can completely renovate your young ones' rooms with some cool stuff. The decorative posters and wall motifs can work in a variety of builds, too, not just children's hideouts. The pack only really adds one new cohesive set of furniture, but the fun items like the squishy alien more than make up for that.

5 - Toddler

Sims 4 Toddler Stuff
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Like the Kids Room pack, the Toddler Stuff adds some humanity to how we can amuse our toddlers in Sims 4. The pack brings in things to do, like slides and playground items, as well as decoration and a swathe of new wardrobe options. There's also the ability to set up play dates for your little ones to interact. This is a great addition as every other age group gets some socialisation in the base game, except toddlers.

The only reason this pack isn't in the top three is that not every player chooses to surround themselves with toddlers, and it serves no other purpose, which is fine!

4 - Paranormal

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Sims players since the dawn of time have loved the spooky stuff and Paranormal plays into that. It adds a whole host of antique-themed furniture like old paintings, plants, and photos. There's a mini cowplant in a jar, and a palmistry hand, so you can properly furnish your gothic palace.

But wait, there's more! The pack brings in a new lot type - a Haunted House residential - that can attract spirits to give your Sims the heebie-jeebies. Combat them via the seance table, and eventually, you'll be able to summon an old fan favourite: Bonehilda the skeletal maid.

3 - Laundry Day

Sims 4 Laundry Day stuff
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If you're not a fan of EA's wild pricing, we suggest Laundry Day instead of the Eco Lifestyle pack. Laundry Day adds a mundane but realistic side to the Sims 4. Some of us play for chaos, others play to replicate the everyday.

The pack contains boho and almost hippie clothing, hair, and accessories, as well as new buy mode items focused on doing laundry. The key items are the functional washing and drying machines, and a washing line to hang out your kit to dry. There's also a tub for those who are conscious of the bills they're paying. The pack was the first one that creators were a part of thanks to a poll, and this shines through in the quality and choice of items.

2 - Tiny Living

Tiny Living stuff in Sims 4
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Tiny Living not only adds furniture meant to add functionality to a small space, but it brings some modern and stylish options that have some colour. There's new gameplay that comes with it, too: the tiny home lot type has three sizes to adhere to, which can be challenging with a full family.

You can kiss goodbye to a well-rested Sim in your tiny home, though - the Murphy bed items break constantly. This means your Sim is jolted awake at all hours of the night and needs to fix their bed, losing precious sleep. Negative moodlets inbound.

1 - Nifty Knitting

Nifty Knitting stuff in Sims 4
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Knitting can be seen as an "old-person" hobby, and not "cool." To those that think that we say that your opinion sucks. Nifty Knitting adds a plethora of craftable materials that your Sims can make from the comfort of their own home, including animal clothing, woolly hats, and a range of small turtle items.

You can turn knitting or crocheting into a hobby, or even a profitable career. There's clothing, furniture, and giftable items too - the options are endless. On top of the craft-specific items, we get a lot of homely and almost cottagey furniture, like a rocking chair and storage sideboards. This stuff pack works, and is delightful, which is why it took the number one spot.

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