Sims 4 future updates - Teased expansions, kits, and more

The Moschino Kit in Sims 4

The Moschino Kit in Sims 4
November 3: Two new packs have been officially revealed, and are using the leaked icons.

The Sims 4 is continuing to grow to new heights with each new release. Here, we'll look at what some Sims 4 future updates might be, and any leaks or rumours there are floating around.

Sims 4 was released back in 2014, and since then has been bolstered with more than 15 kits, 12 expansion packs, plus more packs with varying amounts of content or gameplay in each. There's almost anything you can think of in Sims 4 now, from high school and university adventures to farming, streaming, and becoming all sorts of supernatural beings.

Not sure which DLC to get next? Don't worry! We've ranked all of the Sims 4 expansion packs, and kits right here, to help you choose what to buy. Also, check out the news about Project Rene, the next generation of the Sims!

What are the next Sims 4 kits?

Usually, kits for the Sims 4 are released a few times a year. Given that they're small add-ons, this makes sense. They tend to appear in pairs, where one is a Create-A-Sim pack, and one is for the Build and Buy modes, though the themes don't correlate very often.

The leaker's post in the L'Univers Sims forum
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As seen in SatchOnSims' video.

Now, two new kit menu icons were found in the game's base code, by LeGardePourpre on the French Sims fansite L'Univers Sims, as spotted by YouTuber SatchOnSims.

These have now been confirmed to be an Everyday Clutter and Pastel Pop kit respectively, which were officially announced on November 2. The two kits focus on clutter-based decorative items, and then modern, cute, office furniture.

Official artwork for two upcoming Sims 4 kits.
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What is the next Sims 4 Expansion Pack?

Something that has recently been confirmed is that there will be two more expansion packs for Sims 4. This came as surprising news in the Behind The Sims Summit, along with updates for The Sims Freeplay and Mobile.

Concept art for two new worlds was shown, along with two rooms filled with furniture, and a screen with items including clutter-like furniture items, clothing, and a chair.

Though we were shown two worlds, the other items don't seem to follow any particular themes, or relate to any topic that could come with the worlds. One of the worlds looks to be like San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, and the other is a market town.

Judging by the items shown, there could be a clutter-themed pack coming, or something to do with age. Now that babies are getting a deserved refresh, it could be time for us to get some content for elderly Sims. For now, we'll have to use our imaginations for what themes and packs these items could suggest.

While we await new content for The Sims 4, check out some of our mod recommendations. The best realistic mods can really change up your gameplay, and of course, there are cheats to use as well.

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