Is this Modern Warfare 2 map the worst map in Call of Duty history?

Modern Warfare 2 worst map replacement
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 worst map replacement
Credit: Activision

The current selection of maps available in Modern Warfare 2 is far from ideal. Despite the likes of Shipment and Shoot House proving popular, there are several battlegrounds that completely miss the mark.

Ahead of Season Two, players continue avoiding this particular map due to its hugely frustrating design. Despite claims Infinity Ward is prioritising Warzone 2 over multiplayer, there’s a high chance of the new season containing a new map to master.

Rather than a new map, there are several fans wanting a fan-favourite battlefield from Call of Duty 4 to replace the map everyone’s attempting to dodge when dropping into the action.

Modern Warfare 2 players want the worst map replacing

According to the vast majority of fans, the worst map in Modern Warfare 2 is Santa Sena Border Crossing due to the huge number of cars. Thankfully, Reddit user freebee50 has suggested the perfect replacement.

Instead of Border Crossing, the user thinks Vacant from the very first Modern Warfare title should join the ever-expanding map pool. Although there are fans of Vacant taking the place of Border Crossing, the demand for new and original designs is far higher than classic maps making a return. “Devs should make new original maps, not remaking the same things over and over again,” says one player.

There are only a few weeks until the launch of Season Two and Infinity Ward has already revealed at least one map is arriving. However, it’s unclear if it’s another remake or a completely new design. Judging by the comments, Vacant is a popular map but it recently appeared in 2019’s Modern Warfare so the chances of it reappearing are relatively low.

Modern Warfare 2 is lacking new maps but the community wants everything from classic remakes to all-new layouts, Infinity Ward has a tricky task to please everyone.

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