Modern Warfare 2 fans think Warzone ruined Call of Duty

Captain Price and a Warzone soldier from the Call of Duty franchise.
Credit: Activision

Captain Price and a Warzone soldier from the Call of Duty franchise.
Credit: Activision

For several years, the Call of Duty franchise relied on multiplayer to generate excitement within the community. Nowadays, Warzone 2 has taken the helm. The latest battle royale offering from Activision sees millions of players dropping into the action on a regular basis despite numerous bugs and glitches impacting the experience.

Ahead of the Season Two update, Warzone fans are looking forward to a wealth of new content ranging from the return of the 1v1 gulag and new points of interest (POI) many hope will improve Al Mazrah. On the other hand, Modern Warfare 2 players believe Infinity Ward is prioritising the success of Warzone 2 rather than supporting multiplayer.

According to some Modern Warfare 2 fans, the launch of Warzone has ruined Call of Duty rather than enhancing the franchise.

Is Warzone killing Call of Duty?

Reddit user Accomplished-Row claims the battle royale has negatively impacted the franchise due to the shift in developmental focus. “The developers don’t even care about multiplayer anymore.”

Judging by the comments of fellow players, there are plenty that also believe Warzone is doing more harm than good. “WZ2 has been a mess since launch and they only have themselves to blame for it,” comments one frustrated fan.

Another member of the community thinks they’ve found the main issue with the battle royale stealing the show from multiplayer. “If the content was spread evenly amongst all game modes (especially since MP has a $70 paywall) I don’t think anyone would complain.”

The difference in content between Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 is certainly noticeable and more balance would bridge the gap.

Although the solution is obvious, the chances of Activision and Infinity Ward providing enough fresh content to cater to everyone are slim, which is bad news for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer fans. Hopefully, Season Two can inject a breath of fresh air into the game despite the amount of recycled content on its way.

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