Modern Warfare 2 fans think there are too many guns

Two soldiers holding guns in Call of Duty.
Credit: Activision

Two soldiers holding guns in Call of Duty.
Credit: Activision

Thanks to an extensive arsenal of guns and weapons, Modern Warfare 2 players have a huge variety to choose from when attempting to build a loadout capable of defeating the opposition. The launch of the game saw Infinity Ward include 51 weapons to select, in addition to a wealth of attachments.

Ahead of Season Two, there are plenty of frustrated players still dropping into the action. Amid claims of Infinity Ward prioritising Warzone 2 over multiplayer, the sheer amount of weapons is starting to grow tiring.

The latest debate among players sees one claim that multiplayer contains too many guns and not enough variety.

Are too many guns ruining Modern Warfare 2

Reddit user Zyzzbrah42 believes the current gun list is “overinflated,” claiming that the developers are “lazy” for introducing slight variations of the same weapon.

“I think it’s dishonest to milk three guns out of one by putting a drum mag on one and rechambering another in 9mm,” referring to Modern Warfare 2’s multiple weapon platforms that contain almost identical versions of some guns.

Other players agree with the sentiment. “Instead of getting unique cool weapons that all had interesting personalities, they all feel the same now,” comments another player growing tired of the same guns appearing in each Call of Duty title.

On the other hand, there are some that believe that there’s no problem as long as the guns perform differently depending on the scenario. “I am fine with them as they work differently from each other, it’s just visually boring to see 7 AR-15 type weapons,” says one commenter.

The upcoming update aims to create some more weapon variety. The KV Broadside arrives in the shotgun category, while the Crossbow makes its long-awaited return to multiplayer in a bid to add some additional spice to multiplayer.

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